Letters to the Editor – April 2015

What’s Wrong With the Word “Chiropractic”?

[Re: “Vanessa’s Law Reinforces Need for Integrative Medicine” by David Carmichael; March 2015, https://tinyurl.com/oeawaws]

I enjoyed David Carmichael’s article in Vitality’s March issue, BUT why is it so hard to use the word “Chiropractic”?? – the world’s largest drugless health profession, heavily regulated across Canada.

“Manual medicine” for sure is so poorly understood and utilized and needs to be promoted, but chiropractic is by far the main avenue of it! It works well of course with registered massage therapy also. I have followed your magazine articles and indeed promoted them to patients for many years.


Dr. R.V. Fuller, D.C. since 1977

For information email: info@drfullerclinic.com

Why Are Unsafe Vaccines Still Allowed?

[Re: “The Illusion of Vaccine Safety” by Helke Ferrie; February 2015, https://tinyurl.com/lxacumn]

I was glad to read Helke Ferrie’s well-stated addendum regarding the differences between sound reasons not to vaccinate using current “unavoidably un-safe” vaccines, and sound reasons why safe vaccines could be made, and should be used.

We now know about epigenetic polymorphisms, excitotoxins, glyphosate and rogue peptides from Genetically Modified foods. We know about monkey virus contaminants, the baby’s naturally leaky blood-brain barrier and intestinal walls, gut microbiome, mitochondrial enzymes and the dreadful synergy between vaccines and antibiotics. We know about the essential nutrient levels, especially vitamin A as retinol and D3 needed for optimal immune response and recovery from natural infection.

We have known for years that babies are poorly equipped to meet the unnatural challenge of vaccine toxins and pseudo-infection by injected live viruses. We know that a mother’s natural immunity is passed to the fetus, protecting her newborn for months, but weak, fake, transient immunity from a vaccine is not passed on, and does not protect.

With all this information available to us, which means it is also available to our government officials and every university, medical school, and pharmaceutical company in the world, I can’t understand why we don’t yet have safe vaccines.

Why are we, the taxpaying public, putting up with mandatory medical drugs that have killed too many children, caused harm to a significant percentage without protecting them from infection during their most vulnerable stage of life, and suppressed their immunity overall?

Aliss Terpstra, Toronto

Television is Making Us Fat and Sick

It is time for mandatory “Hazardous to your Health” disclaimers before each TV show. Here is how television makes our appetites voracious and uncontrollable: Whatever our eyes see appears inverted (at the back of the retina) and our brain, through the optic nerve, has to process the image (ie. flip it over).

Watching only a few TV shows, with all those pixels of information, can quickly deplete brain glucose so that, within an hour or two, we try to replenish brain glucose by quick fixes of sugary and refined foods (soda, ice cream, pizza, chocolate, chips, etc.).

In short, television viewing has turned on the ‘tap’ in our brains for non-stop eating. You can put this invention in the same category as asbestos: profitable for the maker, detrimental to the user.

“Some people (about one in 4,000) may have seizures or blackouts triggered by light flashes or patterns, and this may occur while they are watching TV.” (quote from Nintendo)

Peace and sincerity,

Kudos re: Review of Robert F. Kennedy’s book, ‘Thimerosal – Let the Science Speak’

[Re: Book review by Helke Ferrie; February 2015, https://tinyurl.com/lukao3a]

I appreciate the opportunity to read Helke Ferrie’s review of Robert F. Kennedy’s book, and offering my comments.

I think Helke’s review of ‘Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak’ is absolutely excellent. Her review has inspired me to order the book and read it too.

Many thanks to Helke Ferrie for this powerful review. I hope it inspires many more people to read it, and grasp the magnitude of the pharmaceutical error that has been committed by the use of this potent neurotoxin over many decades of vaccine formulation and production. Hopefully this book will assist in bringing an end to the use of this poison in vaccines, and in the other pharmaceutical products it is still contained in.

Edda West, www.vaccine choicecanada.com

Ferrero Fined for False Advertising

The Toronto Star has reported that Ferrero, makers of Nutella, the only chocolate spread with its own world celebration day, has lost a $3 million class action lawsuit filed by a California mother shocked to discover it wasn’t healthy.

In her original lawsuit last year, San Diego mother Athena Hohenberg said she was “shocked” to learn from friends in December 2010 that the chocolate spread she was feeding her husband and young daughter was full of sugar and fat. Lawyer Ron Marron characterized Ferrero’s advertising as misleading for claiming Nutella could be part of a “Healthy Breakfast.” See: https://tinyurl.com/n7f6z98

April 11 is ‘Read Your Labels Day’

April 11 marks the third annual Read Your Labels Day (#RYLD), sponsored by Citizens for Health, a day to share the ‘4-1-1’ about what manufacturers put into their products.

It’s a day devoted to recognizing the risks involved in eating ‘in the dark’. Purchasing and consuming processed foods without reading ingredients and nutritional information on product labels, and ignoring ingredients, can be very hazardous to our health.

In case there are any doubts about the dangers of eating ‘in the dark’, the countdown of the worst additives returns this year.

Food Identity Theft identifies the following Top 10 Food Additives to Avoid:

1. High Fructose Corn Syrup
2. Aspartame
3. Hydrolyzed protein
4. Autolyzed yeast
5. Monosodium glutamate
6. Potassium bromate
7. Brominated vegetable oil
8. BHA and BHT
9. Trans fats
10. Artificial colors

For more information visit: www.citizens.org

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