Letters to the Editor – May 2017

Dr. Rona Q&A: On CT Scans, Colonoscopies, and Chelation Therapy

Dear Dr. Rona:

I recently underwent a very painful colonoscopy due to diverticulitis. I was then sent for a CT scan to complete the examination because only 90% of the exam was done. After learning that a CT scan emits 50 to 100 times the radiation of a regular X-ray, I decided to opt out. My question to you is: Did I make the right decision, and what other scans could be done to complete the examination of my colon? I have blood in my stool on a regular basis but I also suffer from hemorrhoids and I have since learned that diverticulitis can also cause blood in the stool.
T. Young, Oakville, Ont.

Dr. Rona responds:

I can understand your frustration but, in order for you to get a firm diagnosis, or one that at least rules out cancer, the CT scan is most accurate. There are several other conditions besides hemorrhoids and diverticulitis that can cause blood in the stool. If you are concerned about the radiation, take Lugol’s iodine (12.5 mg daily) on the day before and approximately a month after the scan to prevent any potential radiation damage from the test. Also, a broad spectrum antioxidant that contains beta carotene, zinc, selenium, and vitamin C and E would be a good idea to take on a regular basis. Get a thyroid blood test done after the procedure to make sure the thyroid was not affected. I really don’t think there are any better alternatives.
Dr. Zoltan Rona, MD

Dear Dr. Rona:

I would like to know if intravenous chelation therapy can be used on children and if so, how safe is it?
W. Samelli, Toronto, Ont.

Dr. Rona responds:

There are many issues with the use of intravenous chelation therapy in children. It is an unapproved therapy for children. One death has been reported and there is currently a lawsuit that is ongoing. Here’s a link to the article which goes into the story: https://tinyurl.com/yj3pu79
Dr. Zoltan P. Rona, MD

For more of his articles, visit: highlevelwellness.ca and tristarnaturals.com. For appointments call (905) 764-8700; 390 Steeles Ave. W., Unit 19, Thornhill, Ont.

Is Organic Farming Being Suppressed in Ontario?
(The following is a letter to Premier Kathleen Wynne, written by Joseph Kennedy, one of Canada’s foremost ecologists, and shared by Andrew Michrowski, founder of the Planetary Assn. for Clean Energy.)

Dear Premier Wynne,

I recently attended the “Eco Farm Day” in Cornwall, Ont. on Feb. 25, 2017, and was very impressed with the large number of attendees, and the quality of presentations and booths at the trade fair. However, I was appalled to learn about the obstructionist activities being carried out by our government agencies to actively suppress the growth of organic farming in this province. Ontario is falling behind other jurisdictions. For example, Quebec’s agriculture is 3.5% organic and increasing, U.S. agriculture is 4% organic, yet Ontario’s agriculture is even falling behind its own market demand at only 2% organic. Areas of Ontario government suppression of organic growth include:

  • Marketing boards controlled by chemical agriculture are strongly supported by the government, and organic growers who are mostly small farmers are forced to make financial contributions to support chemicalized farms;
  • A few years ago, Kemptville and Alfred Agricultural colleges were vibrant centres moving towards sustainable and organic agriculture practices. But this cannot be tolerated by the chemically controlled University of Guelph so these campuses are being closed.
  • Instead of supporting the stabilization of manures and organic matter by means of simple composting, the Ontario government financially supports the stupid practice of raw manure storage and land application. Of course, the organic matter including phosphorous is not stable and leaches easily into our water, causing algae and other water problems. Around the world, about 70% of water contamination is caused by poor agricultural practices – this could even be higher in Ontario because our agriculture is so heavily chemicalized, especially with glyphosate;
  • The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA) is still studying fundamental agriculture issues such as an Agricultural Soil Health and Conservation Strategy. Even after OMAFRA completed a study, “Sustaining Ontario’s Agricultural Soils: Our Soil at Risk,” no action is being taken.
  • Further, our government is promoting many disjointed and contradicting programs such as carbon cap and trade – our chemicalized agriculture burns carbon and exhausts C02 to the atmosphere, whereas soils with increased organic matter resulting from organic and sustainable practices act as a carbon sink absorbing huge amounts of carbon into the fields and nourishing crops.

Our medical system can not keep up with the poor and deteriorating health of the people in Ontario. The health of a population is directly related to the health of the soils and water in which the food is growing. So what is OMAFRA waiting for – what is stopping Ontario from making the shift to organic and sustainable agriculture practices now? This shift will immediately improve our soils, water, food quality, health of Ontarians, and will most likely reduce Ontario imports of quality food.

Perhaps our politicians and agencies are controlled too much by the chemical agri-food companies to make the required shift to save ourselves, our soils and water?

I look forward to receiving your response about what actions your government will, or will not, carry out to remedy this dismal situation that we find ourselves in.
Joseph Kennedy, Ottawa, Ont.

Fraser Institute Health Care Savings Plan

Further to my Letter to Editor last month, which explained a possible solution to Canada’s health care crisis, here is a link to the Fraser Institute report on the Registered Health Care Savings Plan: https://tinyurl.com/man67bx
Kathleen Thompson, Certified Shiatsu Therapist

Thrilled About Free Subscription to Vitality

I was pleased receive a message from Dr. Andrew Michrowski about the free subscription you are offering to your digital magazine. My wife delights in your magazine and tries to get a hard copy whenever she’s at the Big Carrot on the Danforth. And I’m sure she’d be tickled pink to receive a copy delivered to her email inbox so it’s easier to search collected issues.

Thanks a bunch, and I look forward to reading your publication more often in the future when it comes via email!


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