Letters to the Editor – May 2016

A Reader Comments on Helke Ferrie’s “Bold and Accurate Observations”
[Re: “Health News Round-up”; April 2016 issue]

It’s always a pleasure to read Helke Ferrie’s informative columns. In your March 2016 issue, I was pleased that she quoted Putin’s astute and sensible comments in January to his Russian Security Council, renouncing GMOs and vaccinations, and promoting organic food. His repudiation of the “Western example” was corroborated with a juxtaposed pull-quote reminding us that, since 1986, the U.S. Omnibus Health Bill legally exempted Big Pharma from all liability for post-vaccination damage and death.

Ferrie connected more dots with her paragraphs entitled ‘Antidepressant Drugs Link-ed to Suicides and Violence’ (bold and accurate observations in the face of the only politically correct remedy – gun control) and ‘Trans-parency of Drug Industry Data’, directly related to the Monsanto protection acts and the anti-labelling ‘DARK’ (Deny Americans the Right to Know) Act, narrowly defeated in the St. Patrick’s Day vote by the U.S. Senate. We must continue to push for health freedom, which is systematically being eroded by governments and agencies bent on profits over people.
Henry M., London, ON

Who Is the Favourite Herbalist of Them All?

You claim Michael Vertolli is Canada’s favourite herbalist. You provide no evidence to support that statement and furthermore I would suggest it is unfounded. Please withdraw this phraseology.
Morwenna Given BA MA
Medical Herbalist

Flora’s Response to A Reader’s Complaint about Advertisement
[Re: Complaint in April’16 issue from J. Goodwin-Cooper about Flora’s “panty” ad on Vitality’s back cover]

Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking the time to write and provide feedback on a recent advertisement that you saw. We are sorry to hear that you found the ad offensive, as that was never our intention. Probiotics have many health benefits and our ‘Yeast Party’ ad focused on a not-often-discussed, yet very important, subject.

For many women, yeast infections are a delicate topic and, as such, Flora’s aim for this ad was to address this sensitive subject in a lighthearted manner allowing for an open discussion about a holistic health care option that is newly available. Many women turn to pharmaceutical solutions as that is all that has previously been available – our goal was to inform that a natural solution exists to this ‘taboo’ topic in an approachable manner.

In good health,

Readers Respond to Thyroid Success Story
[Re: “How I Healed My Thyroid by Taking Charge of My Health”; April issue]

I am responding to the article by Mary Maciel Pearson, who healed her thyroid. I am very glad for her – she went through a lot of pain, a lot of research, and a lot of work to reach her level of health. Bravo! But, this article proves that, yet again, one has to spend money and keep on spending it to reach optimum well-being in this society.
V. Stone, Thornbury, Ont

Thank you for the article by Mary Maciel Pearson. I found it helpful. I have a question for the author: what kind of water filtration does she use? And does Vitality magazine have any recommendations on filtration methods?
J. Skinner, Toronto

Mary Pearson responds:

We use the affordable Berkey water filtration system with PF2 filters, which reduce fluoride by over 95%, and arsenic by over 99%, without de-mineralizing the water.

Some people might be concerned that this product utilizes ‘activated alumina’ to remove the fluoride and arsenic, but it is purported to be one of the safest and most efficient methods. Activated alumina is inert; not water soluble; not associated with adverse health effects.

Reverse osmosis and distilled water filtration systems also effectively reduce or eliminate fluoride from the water, but the water becomes de-mineralized, having an acidic pH, and can leach minerals from the body. Apparently this water can even de-mineralize teeth. (Adding mineral drops counteracts this problem.)

I have also heard that bone char also effectively removes fluoride.

To buy the Berkey filtration product, people can choose from local Ontario vendors, including:

Mary Pearson

(Editor’s note: For shower filters, we like Water Innovations’ products. And for drinking water we like the Kangen System for in-house installation (available via Jeff Shapiro, Peach Tree Foods), and Cedar Springs Water in glass jugs for home delivery, visit: www.cedarspringswater.ca)

Vitality Expands into Western Ontario

I wanted you to know that, due to my article “Ode to the Navy Bean” being published in your April issue, Vitality’s digital edition ended up getting posted on the website of the Zurich Bean Festival. I just received an email from them saying what a great article and great magazine. What fun! If readers want to find it, visit the Festival website: https://beanfest.ca/, and click on ‘articles’ and the story is there.

By the way what a beautiful cover once again! The weather was bad when we were delivering Vitality in and around London, but people were cheered up by the cover art because it made them feel like spring! It is so nice to go into the businesses in London, and see that they are excited that Vitality’s latest issue has arrived. It is nice when customers are standing there waiting for the magazine bundles to be opened so they can get their copy.You do an amazing job!
Nancy and Jack McSloy London, Ontario

(Ed note: Thank you for your great service, Nancy. And we are thrilled that you have now expanded the distribution route into Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Sarnia – we are getting amazing feedback!)

Link Between Autism and Deficient Bowel Flora
[Re: “Autism Epidemic” by Dr. Z. Rona; April 2016]

I was shocked to read in Dr. Rona’s latest article that 90% of children with Autism suffer from leaky gut syndrome which allows passage of toxins into the bloodstream. The doctor’s assertion that this intestinal disorder is linked to a deficiency of healthy bowel flora (such as bifidobacteria) is also very interesting. Why is this information not being shared in the mainstream media? It should be top of mind for any doctor treating autistic patients.
V. Telavini, White Rock, BC

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