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Letters to the Editor - Vitality MagazineVitamin C Lowers High Blood Pressure
[Re: Elie Klein’s “Healing Heart Disease: The Real Cause and the Best Nutritional Medicine” from February 2013]
Interesting article, Elie. I’ve heard some aspects of your article before but have never seen it referenced.
In regards to vitamin C helping to lower blood pressure – could astaxanthin or zeaxanthin be substituted with the same benefits? Thank you for your consideration. I’ve forwarded your article to some friends who hopefully could spread the word that “another pill” or the flu vaccine will fix problems.  “NaturalGirl”, Twin Falls, Idaho

Response from Elie Klein: Thank you for your question. Vitamin C, like other vitamins and minerals, plays a variety of metabolic roles in the body. Both astaxanthin and vitamin C are antioxidants, and indeed the former is touted as a far more powerful antioxidant. Since oxidation is a significant contributor to plaque build-up, astaxanthin will likely protect against oxidation. A small observation study showed a protective effect of astaxanthin against oxidation of LDL cholesterol and another small double blind placebo showed reduction in triglycerides and improvement in HDL (“good”) cholesterol.
However, vitamin C isn’t only an antioxidant, it is  also required for the hydroxilation (joining) of proline and lysine to form collagen. As such it facilitates complete repair of the collagen that constitutes the bulk of artery wall tissue. New artery tissue is flexible, healthy, and not sticky, and plaque can’t adhere to new healthy artery tissue.
I would expect this mechanism of action (collagen production and artery repair) to be at least one important way by which vitamin C lowers high blood pressure (as per a 1999 study published in The Lancet). In addition, various studies have shown a positive effect of vitamin C on blood lipids profile and on LDL oxidation.
Of course, collagen repair doesn’t apply to arteries only, since collagen is primary structural protein, present in bones, joints, tendons, ligament, skin, etc. Based on current knowledge, we can’t live without vitamin C, but there is no phenomenon known as “astaxanthin” deficiency.
While, its strong antioxidant properties are valuable and can be applied to various health issues, I will not substitute astaxanthin for vitamin C, but it could certainly be consumed along with vitamin C.
Elie Klein, B.Sc., ND
Klein Naturopathic Care

(416) 222-1300

Recent responses to Vitality’s older articles
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Vitamin D Controversy
[Re: Dr. Zoltan Rona’s “Ontario Government Cancelling OHIP Coverage for Vitamin D Testing” from November 2010]
It’s quite evident that the powers that be don’t want to eradicate sickness through the use of vitamin D. It seems that there is too much for them to lose.
Brian, Ontario

As a brain cancer patient with low vitamin D levels I’m a bit upset about this. I only discovered I had low vitamin D because my neurologist ordered the test as I’m on an anti-seizure medication which is known to block absorption of vitamin D. That test was covered by OHIP, thankfully.
I’m being weaned off the meds as the seizures have stopped but I still have low vitamin D and still have brain cancer, only now I’ll have to fork out money as indicated every four weeks to try to keep up on my vitamin D levels despite taking 4000 IUs a day.
Just another cash grab? Or is it that there really is money in disease and a healthy population doesn’t yield big bank accounts for the powers that be?
Tara F., Toronto ON

[Re: Dr. Zoltan Rona’s “Magnificent Magnesium” from June 2008]
Dr. Rona, do you (or any reader) know which lab does the RBC magnesium test in Toronto?
Susan, Toronto

Response from Dr. Zoltan Rona: They all do.
Zoltan Rona, M.D., M.Sc.

Flu Vaccine Causing Seniors’ Sickness?
[Re: Helke Ferrie’s “Whistle­blower Report: Shiv Chopra, former Health Canada Scientist on the Vaccine and Antibiotic Controversy” from April 2008]

I worked in a nursing home for many years and saw this firsthand:
Healthy seniors got flu vaccines and within weeks they were sick with pneumonia and complications – followed by death. Each year we lost six to nine residents (out of a 60-bed home) according to the stats – this is an easy cover up issue. Seniors are most likely to pick up a bug they can’t fight off. Just very odd… all year up to the flu vaccines we may have lost a total of six to ten residents. Then the flu vaccine is issued and – BANG! – we lose six to nine residents within a very short period of time. Doesn’t add up to me.
Common sense tells me NOT to get the flu shot.
Barb, via website

Fan mail from afar
[Re: Sat Dharam Kaur’s “Beyond Addiction: A Yogic Path to Recovery” December 2012 / January 2013]

Sat Dharam, this program sounds well planned and wonderful!
Do you ever give this program in the U.S.? Thanks, – Giandev kaur
Theresa Westnedge, United States

Response from Sat Dharam Kaur: Yes, the course is taught in Canada and the U.S.
Check https://www.kundaliniyogatraining.com for the listing.
Sat Dharam Kaur, ND, Owen Sound, Ontario (519) 372-9212

Terms of Endearment
[Re: Conscious Living’s February 2013 column “2013: New Earth ~ New Era” by Kathy Ryndak]
What’s the difference between the terms “Higher Self” and “Soul”?
Andy, via website

Response from Kathy Ryndak: Your Higher Self is accessed through your crown chakra and is your impersonal and objective spirit which oversees your soul’s learning.
The Soul goes by many names such as Essence, Source, or your True Self. It can be accessed through the portal of the heart chakra. It is more of your personalized sense of spirit and is based in higher octave emotions such as love, joy, peace, harmony, and gratitude.
Kathy Ryndak, Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training

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