Letters to the Editor: Cellphones’ Scary Side; Healthy Pets; Lyme Sufferer Finds Treatment

Woodford Needs to Brush Up On Her Political Nomenclature

Dear Vitality,

Good day! I enjoyed Julia’s good spirited intro to the May issue [Re: Woodford Files: May 2017] but I was a bit confused by the introductory remarks referring to “Premier Trudeau”? Is this a subtle sort of slip of the typing keys tongue, to make a point?

Has he been demoted in some Canadians’ eyes because of his failure to fulfil his promises to First Nations? Maybe the more reminders he gets the more likely he will remember… magnesium could help his memory!

Thanks for being there… here… helping us see better ways to enjoy living… this life! More than three cheers!!!

David Lance, Toronto

Woodford responds:

Hello David,

Yikes! What a big fat booboo that was. Apologies to Prime Minister Trudeau for getting his title wrong. I better take some extra magnesium myself!

More Happy Subscribers to Our Free Digital Magazine

Dear Vitality,

Would love to receive the digital version of magazine. This publication is life changing! Kudos and gratitude.

Dana K., Oakville, Ont.


Dear Vitality,

I really enjoyed reading your March and April 2017 issues of Vitality which contained a wealth of health info. And thank you for sending me the digital version – it’s so cool, I just love it. I have been telling my grown-up adult [28- to 36-year-old] nieces and nephews about your cool magazine. Now, I can send them the link so they can read it themselves. My kids are overseas in Australia and London, England, and also in the U.S. So sending them your magazine by email will be so much easier than mailing the print magazines to them.

Yvonne B., Whitby

The Scary Side of Cellphones and Other Wireless Devices

Dear Vitality,

I believe that Sweden – and the world – is under unintentional attack by the manufacturers and operators of wireless devices and their towers. This year, the research team of Taheri et al. (2017) demonstrated that exposure to 900 MHz GSM mobile phone radiation, and 2.4 GHz radiofrequency radiation emitted from common WiFi routers, actually makes Listeria monocytogenes and Escherichia coli bacteria become resistant to antibiotics. (See: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/28203122)

These findings naturally have direct implications for the management of serious infectious diseases. With the ongoing development of more and more antibiotic-resistant microorganisms around the world, this adaptive phenomenon and its potential threats to human health definitely should be further investigated in controlled replication experiments! Now!

As we all rapidly are being compelled to use the new generation of electronic gadgets and wireless services, sometimes referred to as the “Internet of Things,” more people are asking themselves these questions:

  • Are the ever-increasing levels of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) really safe for living organisms?
  • Are these wireless devices to be used only for the convenience of private persons, or are they just as convenient for surveillance of the public by political, military, and commercial entities?
  • Do some gadgets create an open door for advanced cyber attacks of homes, schools, and workplaces?
  • Do electromagnetic frequencies pose a threat to public health?

In the early 1980s, I decided that this is an issue which needs to be looked at more closely, and perhaps even needs an awakening – to stop it before it turns on us, other animals, plants and bacteria, as the “Idiocy of Things”!?

From a public health point of view, evidence in the form of thousands of peer review-based scientific publications is overwhelming – now society must dare to protect and to serve. Our actions must aim to serve our health and safety, not to serve commercial greed. Failing to protect ourselves leaves us open to attack that may harm us far more than any terrorists ever can.

Olle Johansson, Associate Professor,
Experimental Dermatology Unit, Dept. of Neuroscience,
Karolinska Institute, 171 77 Stockholm, Sweden

(Editor’s note: If you wish to learn how to protect yourself from wireless radiation and EMF pollution, excellent classes and devices are offered by Essentia, an affiliate of the Planetary Assn. of Clean Energy. They are currently giving courses on EMF issues as well as advice on practical remediation methods. For full schedule, and list of EMF protection products, visit: www.essentia.ca, call (613) 236-6265, email: paceincnet@gmail.com

Healthy People Want Healthy Pets

Dear Vitality,

I really enjoyed your “Healthy Pets” section in May 2017 issue of Vitality and hope that you will run more items on animal health in the future. While there is certainly no lack of mainstream pet stores and questionable foods that cater to that market, I am much more interested in finding natural and organic pet products and holistic approaches to pet care. Thanks for leading the pack on this!

H. S. Toronto, Ont.

Editor’s Response:

Dear H.S.:

It was our pleasure to run the Healthy Pets section in May issue of Vitality, and we plan to do more of those in future but you can always visit the Healthy Pets section online. In the current issue, the Pets section got bumped by our Getaway Guide.

Thanks for your interest,
Julia Woodford

Lyme Disease Sufferer Finds Treatment Outside Canada’s Medical Mainstream

Dear Vitality,

My name is Lianne Spencer, I am Paige Spencer’s mom. My daughter has been battling Lyme disease for over 15 years. I have attached some articles and information about Paige, including a speech that she gave at Queen’s Park. Here’s an excerpt: “Our Province is already far behind regarding this serious pandemic. If a reliable and solid action plan is not inaugurated, our province will face a serious health crisis. We talk so highly of our health care system, yet many Lyme-infected individuals, including myself, are forced to seek refuge in another country for medical treatments for a chronic illness that apparently is nonexistent here in Ontario. Stage 2 and 3 patients seek treatment in America and even Germany, spending outrageous sums of money to get their lives back. Many cannot afford proper treatment and some face the fear, like my family, of losing their home due to medical bills. How does this make our province look? We are swarming with Lyme disease here, yet it’s not even recognized, our blood testing is flawed, our research is unreliable, thousands are getting misdiagnosed, and the people who are sick and debilitated have to travel to another country just to be treated like humans. If Bill 27 is passed, we will be on our way to a healthy and safe province, not only taking long-term action and care with Lyme disease but also bringing attention to other vector-borne and zoonotic diseases. This is not just about treatment for the sick, we are trying to prevent Lyme disease from infecting healthy people too.”

Paige is well versed about this disease. After years of antibiotic and homeopathic treatment in Buffalo, she now sees an Ontario naturopath, Dr. Angela Lee, who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme Disease. [Dr. Lee is based in Richmond Hill, Ont. Call (905) 237-7031; email: lyme.essentialscanada@gmail.com]

Now my daughter knows a lot about homeopathic medication, and plans on attending college for natural/alternative medicine. Paige gives advice and helps hundreds of people. The public would benefit from reading an article on the natural alternatives to treat this disease.

Paige has spoken in the Legislature, and been interviewed by Breakfast Television, CBC, Toronto Sun, Scarborough Mirror, 1010 Talk Radio, and met with Dr. Hoskins, Minister of Health, to tell her story and to work with a government committee for future plans to educate and treat Lyme patients. Here is a link to a video that was made about Paige: https://tinyurl.com/kpmduc5

Liane Spencer, Toronto, Ont.

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