Letters to the Editor – April 2017

Reader Puts Forth a Creative Solution to Health Care Crisis
[Re:“Fan letter to Helke Ferrie for BREXIT Story”]

I am replying in response to Bill MacKay’s February letter. He suggests that Vitality become a forum for possible solutions to Canada’s health care crisis.

The Fraser Institute, a right wing think tank, came up with a brilliant solution years ago. They proposed a Registered Health Care Savings Plan. It could be structured much like an RRSP, with funds to be spent on health care only, rather than retirement. Minimum or maximum amounts could be deposited each year, tax deductible, to be used for alternative and / or allopathic (conventional medical) care.

In the case of ‘alternative’ practitioners, they would need to be registered with their relevant association. Think RMTs. For those of us fortunate to be relatively healthy and not using much out of our accounts, we could top off the account of a family member who is undergoing a health crisis and using up the funds in their account.

Minimum fuss, maximum choice. As a practitioner within the alternative health care field myself, I would welcome a system that levels the playing field. We can all compete to be the health care practitioner of choice for each Canadian citizen.

Left or right on the political spectrum is irrelevant. Freedom of choice is the important issue.
Kathleen Thomson, Certified Shiatsu Therapist, Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader, Collingwood

Debt-Free and Living Off The Grid

I am 39 years old. Along with my wife and daughter, I reside just outside the everyday norm. We live near Bancroft, Ontario, and are 100% off the grid.

Right now we are living in our trailer, adjacent to a little cabin I built behind it, but have plans to start the construction of our new self-powered home in the spring. We are doing this as we earn the money, and are not getting a mortgage.

We started three years ago when we rented this land for a year. We decided to buy it. We drilled a well, and had the land severed from the larger block it used to be part of. Now it’s ours.

And as the house develops, it will be ours as well. It truly is a simple concept. Eliminate the middle men everywhere, and do it yourself. Don’t know how? Then learn. It’s simple.

I never came into this knowing anything about solar electricity. Now we operate a 5 kw solar electric system that you couldn’t distinguish from your own home on the grid.

After our home is constructed, my wife and I are planning to hold workshops on our property. A guest will sign up for a three day weekend, and have his very own solar electric system to manage, within his or her own cabin. They will also be responsible for heating with solar-electric or wood. Also, if interested, they can manage a group of chickens for the weekend.

For now, it’s going to take us 18 months of hard work, with late nights, working full time, to get this house built. We are 100% debt-free, loving life, eating organic, real produce and beef, and real range-fed chicken and eggs.

Our work doesn’t feel like slavery anymore. Hydro, gas, sewer, and water bills never come here. Our bank accounts are getting bigger and bigger.

It’s easy how were doing it. Just a little temporary sacrifice. I invite you to come and check us out, as we are documenting this entire thing on our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/user/offgridfamily, or email: wintercrane69@hotmail.com
Kirk and Amanda Winter, RR2 Coe Hill, Ontario

Congrats to Survey Prize Winners

Those readers who responded to Vitality’s readership survey in our February 2017 issue were entered in a draw to receive great prizes. We wish to thank those organizations who donated the following:

  • Pure and Simple gift basket and gift certificates,
  • Personal hygiene products from Green Beaver,
  • Himalayan salt crystal lamp,
  • Vitality magazine subscriptions,
  • PRO-beauty formula by NAKA herbs and vitamins,
  • Healthy Planet health food gift certificates.

In total there were fourteen winners including: Joseph, Nicki, Kim, Myriam, Mai, Mary, Angela, Jennifer, Mary Jane, Jacqueline, Patricia, Elizabeth, Lisa and Francine.

Thank you to everyone who participated.

Readers: To have your say, email: letters@vitalitymagazine.com, or write to: Vitality magazine, 356 Dupont Street, Toronto, ON Canada M5R 1V9

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