Letters to the Editor – October 2012

Letters to the Editor - Vitality MagazineGluten Can Cause Both Physical and Mental Illness

“If God made it, it’s good; if man made it, it’s poison,” said my friend Ildiko, chemist/clairvoyant/healer. And so it seems. I was quite comfortable with Susannah Kent’s review of the book Wheat Belly (July/August 2012) referring to the link between (over-hybrid­ization of) wheat and heart disease, diabetes, obesity, Crohn’s, colitis, arthritis, osteoporosis, etc. I cringed, however, when I read Jeffrey Smith’s GMO feature. We are the human clinical trial.

I first started spreading the anti-gluten word when I was a patient of Dr. Carolyn Dean’s more than 25 years ago. A work-related chemical exposure left me immuno-compromised with joint stiffness and muscle pain. Dr. Dean routinely took her patients off wheat and sugar to remove as much immune system burden as possible. She assured us that we could maintain/ gain weight and get enough fibre from eating vegetables. Most got well. I got rid of my atypical arthritis and my muscle pain.

Here are some anecdotes about friends who recently went gluten-free: 1) Megan, a web-whiz in her mid-20s, lost 25 pounds and her double chin in one month. Her eyes sparkle. 2) Erin, a stylist in her mid-20s, didn’t lose weight, but her nightmares stopped. She’s now radiant.

Here are some anecdotes about acquaintances with gluten-related tragedies: 1) J. died in her late 80s following a diagnosis of ALS. She’d been complaining of major digestive problems for her entire life. Her doctors had never checked her for celiac disease. 2) V. is a retired architect in his late 80s who has spinal stenosis and is wasting away. He’s on a dozen drugs. His doctors have convinced him it’s part of aging. They haven’t bothered to test him for celiac disease.

Here’s what celebrity pharmacist Suzy Cohen says about gluten: “Cereal can make you crazy! Wheat is a grain that contains ‘exorphins’ which act similarly to morphine (opioids). The psychoactive nature of these exorphins occurs because the grain is not completely digested, and in some people (esp. those with leaky gut) it travels through the blood and into the brain. This explains why some people have psychiatric problems despite medication use. You have to remove the antigen (wheat in this case). If you have psychiatric or neurological complaints, I would avoid gluten-containing foods, and preferably all grains. What have you got to lose? Your mind!”

“One the most terrifying symptoms of wheat intolerance (gluten) is that it can actually damage the brain and mimic Alzheimer’s deterioration. Interestingly, this can happen without any gut symptoms. Gluten is being suspected of playing a role in some of our neurological disorders. You may not like hearing it, but it does not change the fact that gluten is creating havoc with many people. This is only going to get bigger. The worst part is that many of the symptoms you may experience never will point to the real gut issue you may have.”

Cohen is right – you may not like hearing it and it is only going to get bigger. Read Wheat Belly, look at https://www.wheatbellyblog.com, and make sure your physician is gluten-savvy.

P.S. Several of the American Olympic medal winners are gluten-free.

Maie Liiv, Toronto

Bioidentical Identification Numbers

People have a right to have medications formulated with bioidenticals. Currently we have DINs (Drug Identification Number) for pharmaceutical drugs, but these numbers do not reflect bioidenticals. Therefore, we should have Bioidentical Identification Numbers to represent natural medications. At present, we do not have such a system in Canada. How can this system be set up, and who could regulate it?

John D. Scott, Fergus, ON

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