Intranasal Light Therapy – The Next Healing Breakthrough?

By Lew Lim

Intranasal Light Therapy involves the simple process of clipping a small red light diode to the nose to illuminate the nasal cavity. Researchers have found that this act initiates the process of healing a large number of health conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and viral infection. How can such a simple device be so effective in healing so many diseases? In fact, the Intranasal Light Therapy device does only one thing, and it does it well. It stimulates the body to heal itself. The impact is systemic rather than directed at any particular condition. And in the process, many conditions are addressed.

Scientists who specialize in the stimulation characteristic of light (or “photobio-stimulation”) know that a certain wavelength of light can trigger the creation of singlet oxygen. At low dosage, these singlet oxygen particles settle into “Redox Signalling” molecules. These signalling molecules tell the body to line up its various elements to accomplish the following healing activities: activate the immune system, release antioxidants, increase blood flow, repair damaged DNA, and even encourage the death of damaged cells.

With Intranasal Light Therapy, this effect commences with the blood passing through the nasal region and then continues to spread throughout the body via the circulatory and lymphatic systems.
The reduction-oxidation (“redox”) activities continuously take place inside the body, but when inflammation occurs due to an infection, or when cellular homeostasis (equilibrium of interdependent elements) is interrupted, the body’s corrective system is called into action. The redox signalling (stimulated by light therapy as explained here) helps the body to more accurately direct this restorative action. The result is accelerated healing, or the body being put on alert.

There are no major side effects with this therapy. Nor does it require the introduction of a foreign substance into the body. The healing process is completely natural in harnessing the power of the body to repair itself. Intranasal Light Therapy is low-cost, effective and convenient, which makes it a healing breakthrough. It is a natural fit with the value system of naturopathic medicine. It does no harm, respects the natural power of the body to heal, addresses the causes of illness rather than the symptoms (at the molecular level), encourages self-responsibility for health, considers the fundamental health factors, and definitely promotes prevention of diseases.

Furthermore, Intranasal Light Therapy is supported by a large body of scientific evidence illustrating its underlying mechanism and its efficacy against many diseases. In China, the Intranasal Light Therapy technology is certified by the government. Ten million of these devices have been sold over the past few years, and they are used in many Chinese hospitals. North America deserves to hear about this.

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