How to Be a Pioneer in a Holistic World – Light Therapy

Lumalight penlights emit light frequencies into the energy field nudge the body’s own healing.

by Julianne Bien

“To be successful, you have to be lucky, or a little mad, or very talented, or find yourself in a rapid growth field.” ~ Edward de Bono

A career in light – nowadays a multi-billion dollar, rapid growth field – was not a well-lit, charted path when I was starting out in 1996. The psychological effects of colours were not widely known or applied then, much less the effects of light on either organic or spiritual levels. A bright future in the field of light – now a fairly safe prospect in Solar, LED, or in Photonics – was not at all foreseeable two decades ago. Still, I wondered about it and wandered toward it – just like moths do.

Luck played a part at first, but that was unbeknownst to me. Talent was not a chip I could bank on; we acknowledge talent in music, in the arts, and in other traditional disciplines, but who is ever talented to prepare well for the Great Unknown?

We all come from the light, we go back to the light and, in between, we live, feel, think, create, recollect, and dream – all thanks to light. Light is life, health, and inner peace. How much more intangible can a business idea be?

Still I took a leap of faith. I instinctively approached my vision like a high-end business. Product design, packaging and marketing were my ambassadors. I sent out the best representation I could – my Lumalight penlights, their crystal colour filters, and geometry inserts. I developed these tools and accessories as objects worthy of admiration, something Leonardo and Steve Jobs would gladly own. I made them powerful, but simple; it’s their education, training materials and customer support that first buy peace of mind. But what users really get in the product is a wellness tool for life.

Colour light therapies have many benefits, and have evolved throughout history as a proven approach to wellness and beauty. The ancient Egyptians used light and prisms to heal people. Heliotherapy, the act of curing sickness by sun exposure, was born in ancient Greece. Colour light therapy helps to heal the body, mind and spirit.

The principle behind our system is simple. Lumalight penlights gently emit the energy carried in light (colour frequencies) into an acupuncture point or reflex zone in the energy field and nudge the body’s own healing potential into action. The penlights are non-medical, non-diagnostic, non-invasive (do not touch the skin), and are not LED light or laser therapy, so it is ideal for home use to support a person’s healing and spiritual journey.

Applications of colour light are beneficial for relaxation, rejuvenation, and emotional and spiritual makeovers. Large segments of the population affected by acute lack of sunlight in winter months, and suffering from a range of disturbances caused by it, have been known to find relief in light and colour therapies.

People worldwide trust that I have explored the far-flung frontier between science and ancient wisdom, made reliable tools, defined potent protocols – and that I will share it with them. The course I created is now nationally accredited, and my unconventional vision has now merged into mainstream thinking.

So what do people rely upon? They respond to my simple and methodical system of harnessing the energy of light for practical and spiritual use. The rules that govern the universe (and life itself) also rule the world of business. Natural laws apply to stars and planets, to our bodies and minds, and to all our human endeavours alike. I carefully observed one universal system (the cosmos) and applied another (the business world) to shape my own method (the Spectrahue method of light therapy) accordingly. It’s the simplicity of essence that works.

So to be a pioneer, start shining a new light on something that intrigues you, stay sure and true, and never ever divert that beam. Following your dream is the safest bet you can make, if you are ready for the long haul. Enough people will wonder about it and wander toward it – just like moths do.

Join Julianne, developer of the Lumalight Series, at her Toronto workshops on The Spectrahue Method™ of Light Therapy with Lumalight light sets. Julianne will also share with you marketing tips and advice on how to expand your holistic spiritual practice with energy-based modalities.

For details, please visit:, email: or call (416) 340-0882.

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