How Meditation, Intuition, and Manifestation Principles are Related

How Meditation, Intuition, and Manifestation Principles are RelatedOver the years I have taught lots of workshops on topics ranging from chakras to intuition, shamanism to wild women’s weekends. I loved all of them, but had to narrow down my teaching calendar to keep up with my demanding schedule, and found that three of my top classes were consistently on meditation, intuition and manifestation. This isn’t surprising since all three are very rich topics that bear exploration. However, what is surprising to my students is that all three topics are fundamentally related. I actually structure the classes so they are to be taken in the order of meditation first, intuition second and manifestation last, since each builds on the other in that specific order.

Mindfulness meditation and its traditional precursor, stability meditation, create the foundation for intuition and manifestation skills. Intuition is the ability to receive information that is usually beyond our regular perception. It is skill anyone can develop to heighten one’s senses to perceive more information than daily consciousness delivers. In order to do that, a person must first train the mind to be a stable and self-reflective vessel to receive information. What does that mean? It means our minds naturally tend to jump around, are unfocused, incapable of concentrating on anything we set our focus on, and usually over focused on a few things like our job, a relationship in our lives, a problem in our lives, our perceptions of ourselves, or our feelings. Meditation master Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche says that we meditate all the time – that our minds rest or get familiar or focus on something all the time. The question is: what is yourmind habitually focusing on? Meditation is the practice we can use to learn to see what our minds are up to when we are not looking. Do we keep on playing the same recording over and over in our head of “I wish I was ….” (fill in the blank)?  Or does your mind habitually take a pessimistic view on things? Or an optimistic view? We are not interested in judging what the mind is up to. We are more interested in what has become habitual. As soon as it is habit, we are on autopilot. This makes it difficult to live in and enjoy the now. It also makes it difficult to see things with a fresh perspective so we keep on having the same response to the same problems in our lives and we get the same results and then can’t figure out why our lives aren’t what we want. It also means that our minds will make up false answers that are familiar rather than stay open to the something new that intuition will bring. Intuition is not about us coming up with answers just from ourselves. We don’t need intuition for that. We need meditation to see what is inside of us, but intuition is about learning to open to what is outside of us on a really deep level. So we can’t get really intuitive to what’s outside of us if we can’t even listen to what is inside of us.

Once we can learn to be aware of what is going on inside of us with meditation, intuition gets much easier. Many people think intuition is just a gut reaction and like to quote Malcolm Gladwell or his book Blink at me. I think that he did an excellent job describing gut instinct but to call that intuition is a misnomer. Gut instinct is part of intuition but intuition is a much more comprehensive version of gut instinct. Where gut instinct can give u binary answers, can tell us yes or no, intuition at its most trained is like having Google in your head. It can give complex answers and multiple options, calculate cause and effect, and illuminate root causes. It also can be used for everything from finding your lost sock or missing keys to timing your career strategy just right. We can access whatever information we need to make a decision or take action. Which leads us to my manifestation class. Manifestation, as most famously described in the bestseller The Secret, is the ability to make stuff happen.

As intuition is the ability to receive information, manifestation is the ability to broadcast information. Think of the entire universe, or at least planet Earth as being part of a vast energetic web, like an internet. Intuition would be like getting your own account so you can surf the net and manifestation would be like sending out messages via email, Facebook, a blog, a website, chat rooms, whatever, to get what you want. You communicate with the entire web to get what you want, but you need to perceive what is coming back at you to gauge whether you need to continue with your current approach or alter it accordingly to get better results. If you send out a message onto the Internet that you want to find a buyer for your old couch, and then you send out a message that you actually want to keep the couch and not sell it, what will happen? You will waste people’s time and energy, including your own, and the two intentions will cross each other out and you will end up with whatever you started with, in this case, owning the couch.

So it is with manifestation principles. So you need to first know what you really want and that is where we come back full circle to meditation, which helps you see what your mind is really up to when you leave to attend to something else. Maybe you thought you wanted to sell the couch but deep down you were really attached to it and didn’t want to sell it. Meditation would help you to get in touch with all the layers and be honest about the internal conflict. Most people think they know themselves really well, but whenever I have a new client, or with students in my intro classes, I always ask two questions that stump them every time: what do you really want and what are you feeling emotionally in this moment? Most people can answer these questions quickly but it only takes a bit of probing before the answer begins to crumble like a day-old cookie. None of the information we gain from meditation or intuition are so complex or hard to understand. The challenge is learning the skill that underpins each of these disciplines: the fine art of learning to get out of one’s own way. As one of my advanced students exclaimed once during intuition training, “So this is all about letting go of our ego long enough to get information without getting in the way. That’s hard!” Yes it is, but the benefits outweigh the efforts and with practice, even the process becomes fun.

Check out some snippets from my intro classes to help you in your meditation, intuition, or manifestation studies on YouTube by typing in “Kate Opashinov.”

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