Colour Light Illuminates My Inner World

by Julianne Bien

The world around us is constantly illuminated by light. It’s what enables us to see colour and perceive our world as lively and fascinating. Not only is colour made up of various shades, tones and pigments, it is the essential energy that is basic to all life. Carried in sunlight, colour is a true and honest sensation that playfully stimulates our senses and affects our psychological and physical state of being.

Colour light therapy has existed and evolved throughout history. The ancient Egyptians used light and prisms to heal people. Heliotherapy, the act of curing sickness by sun exposure, was born in ancient Greece. Colour light therapy helps to heal the body, mind and soul. Within all living organisms, information is communicated through colour-coded broadcasts of faint light energy. All of us emit these broadcasts beneath our skin, which help maintain our natural and active state of rhythm. Studies have shown that light is an essential ingredient to a healthy metabolism in all-living creatures on Earth.

Today, colour light therapy continues to help the healing process, and acupuncturists, massage therapists, bodyworkers, aromatherapists and sound therapists who incorporate energy-based modalities are at the forefront of guiding people into a state of self-healing and rejuvenation by a multitude of disciplines. On the leading edge of current colour therapy methods is colour harmonics, which utilizes a colour light illuminator that enables energy carried in light to efficiently support the body’s own healing potential.

When used in an energy-based practice, colour harmonics can have a significant effect on the recipient by sending messages throughout the body as a “call to action.” While acupuncture points and reflex zones are being addressed, colour can help release old memories that are trapped in the body tissue.

Lumalight Specialist and acupuncture student, Vanessa Cisneros, of Miami, has used colour light in conjunction with tuning forks to enhance results in her sound healing sessions. She introduces this energy-based modality with a colour illuminator, and simply clips on a colour filter to the penlight, shining it two to eight inches away from the body.

According to Cisneros, “Application of colour is used to balance the aura of an individual and to stimulate a self-healing process, as well as boost energy, creating a more powerful life force.”

Cisneros introduces colour light sessions to her clients and explains how incorporating the method can enhance the experience. “This allows them to be more aware of their body, and allows me to have a better feeling of their current state,” she says.

“From there,” Cisneros continues, “I consider their situation and choose the colour that would be of help to them. For example, I would use shades of blue if he/she has discomfort and pain, such as headache or backache. This would help cool and calm the energy in the meridians. If energy is needed, I would choose a colour, such as red for stimulation, as colour’s energy travels at the speed of light and will go where it is needed.”

Understanding and experiencing the benefits of colour light therapies enhances the reassuring feeling of peacefulness, and also provides the body with vital information that colour light offers.

(*No medical claims are made or implied. Colour light therapies are non-diagnostic, non-invasive and complement most integrative practices in the healing arts.)

Julianne Bien, founder of Spectrahue Light & Sound, developed the Lumalight Colour & Geometry System and its training materials. Bien presents her theories at conferences and nationally accredited certification courses throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit or call (416) 340-0882 in Toronto. See advertisement in Vitality magazine’s May issue on page 74.

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