Green Files – April 2008


Ecocut is Toronto’s new alternative in lawn care and the first of its kind dedicated to zero-emissions. With spring just around the corner it’s time to think twice about how you’re cutting your lawn. Traditional gas mowers, trimmers and blowers contribute heavily to green house gases (GHG) and Toronto’s summer smog haze; but just how large an impact they have may shock you. Running a traditional mower for one hour emits as much pollution as driving a car nearly 600 kilometers. Last summer excessive fuel emissions contributed to declare one-third of the season as smog alert days in which people were recommended to stay indoors.

Ecocut is a Toronto-based lawn care service using state-of-the-art battery technology to power equipment while charging their batteries with clean, renewable energy from Bullfrog Power. Every customer using ecocut prevents an approximate 200kg of emissions annually. City wide, this quickly adds up to many tonnes of emission reductions every year.

“We believe it’s about time a change is made in Toronto’s lawn care industry” says Greg Kasparian, co-founder. “When people realize how much pollution can be avoided just by using our great service, it becomes a very easy choice for consumers.”

Ecocut’s commitment to environmental sustainability does not end with their battery powered equipment. They use only organic fertilizers, weed control and pest control products. All products are safe for pets and people avoiding the negative health effects associated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Service delivery is done efficiently using the SmartCar – chosen for its low carbon footprint both in production and operation. Ecocut also purchases carbon credits for all vehicle emissions to further reduce their environmental impact towards zero. In all respects, ecocut is leading the way as a business that contributes to a cleaner city; in turn enabling consumers to make an environmental difference without changing their lifestyle.

Ecocut’s service is clean, quiet and their credo is simple:
• Respect the Earth
• Deliver the highest quality service
• Support the communities that support them
• Treat employees fairly and collaborate as a team

Ecocut (2007) is based in central Toronto and offers a full range of environmental lawn care services.

For more information about ecocut and complete service menu and breakdown please visit:, or call Chris Cansick – Partner, ecocut Services Inc. 1-888-4-ECOCUT or 416-792-3438 Email:


Ontario’s Energy Minister Gerry Phillips announced on March 7, 2008, that the Government of Ontario has decided to give nuclear power companies a monopoly to supply up to 72% of Ontario’s electricity demand.

Nuclear power is the highest-cost, least reliable and least energy efficient electricity supply source. This decision essentially does an end run around the government’s promise to consider all supply sources equally in an integrated plan.

Instead of reserving up to 72% of Ontario’s electricity market for nuclear power, the Government of Ontario should allow all energy options to compete fairly to meet our base-load electricity needs.

It doesn’t make sense to build new nuclear power plants if we can meet our electricity needs at a lower cost through energy conservation and demand management; wind power; biomass power from our farms; natural gas-fired combined heat and power plants located in our apartment buildings, recreation centres, hospitals, shopping malls and factories; or water power imports from Quebec, Labrador or Manitoba.

Please contact Energy Minister Phillips (416-327-6758); Fax: 416-327-0033; Email: and ask him to immediately revoke his decision to grant nuclear power a monopoly for up to 72% of Ontario’s electricity market and restore fairness and foresight to energy planning in Ontario.

Submitted by: Jack Gibbons, Chair, Ontario Clean Air Alliance, 402-625 Church St, Toronto M4Y 2G1, Phone: 416-926-1907 ext. 240, Fax: 416-926-1601, Email: Website:

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance is a coalition of health, environmental, and consumer organizations, faith communities, municipalities, utilities, unions, corporations and individuals working for cleaner air through a coal phase-out and the shift to a renewable electricity future. Our partner organizations represent more than six million Ontarians.

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