Book Review: Genetic Roulette The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods

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Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods book reviewAuthor: Jeffrey Smith
Publisher: Yes! Books
Book Publication: 2007

It has often been said that one needs a chemistry degree these days to know what foods to buy. The best advice I can give to all, when entering supermarkets, is: “Don’t buy anything that contains substances you can’t pronounce.”

Fortunately, it is not necessary to have a degree in bio-chemistry to understand genetically engineered foods, because the logic that explains what’s wrong with them is as profound as it is simple. Einstein said that an important natural law needed to be simple in order to be true. GMOs are an excellent case in point because they violate many interconnected laws of biology, and their harm can be empirically verified and tested. They fail to nourish and they poison complex systems of biology.

One of the most frequently asked questions posed to me by my readers is: “Are there known health risks with GMOs?” There most certainly are, and they are worth exploring and understanding. Now I no longer need to dispatch all those e-mails to those who ask this question and provide them with long lists of references from various science journals. Somebody eminently suited to discuss the entire field has done the job for me with breathtaking thoroughness and wonderful clarity! If you can’t afford this book, at least go to your local library and ask them to add it to their shelves.

Jeffrey M. Smith is author of the international bestseller Seeds of Deception (2003). As executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology (, his expertise has helped several U.S. states regulate GMOs. He also advises governments around the world on this technology and has been very successful with his Campaign for Healthier Living in America. He knows the GMO world from the inside: he used to be the vice president of marketing communications for a GMO detection laboratory, a technology used constantly by the European Union to prevent GMOs from getting into their food supply. The technology itself was invented by scientists who originally developed the techniques for creating GMOs. They became so troubled by the genie they had inadvertently let out of the bottle that they set their minds to developing this effective and sensitive detection technology.

This book is introduced by a roll call of the brightest and the best in science, medicine, technology and politics. Each support the effort Smith has made to inform the public of GMOs’ detrimental effects on the health of humans, animals, and the earth itself. Former UK Environment Minister, Michael Meacher MP, states in his introduction: “This is the authentic book on genetic modification that the world has been waiting for.” He’s right.

The book is organized in such a way that readers of all educational backgrounds and levels are guided through whatever is necessary for understanding what happens to a plant that is genetically modified, how that affects the soil, the water supply, the food-producing animals that are fed such altered plants. It also explains and what has been documented to happen to people whose bodies have to deal with novel proteins for which evolution has not prepared the substratum of enzymes necessary to metabolize them.

This book shows exactly how GMOs do harm by causing sterility, increasing infant mortality, provoking serious allergies, setting organ damage in motion, increasing the vulnerability to childhood diseases, breaking down immune responses, and harming the nervous system. It explains why these foods do not nourish and never will, no matter how sophisticated this technology might become.

The source of all these findings are the world’s leading medical and environmental researchers, yet lay people can understand the content. For those who want the nitty-gritty science, all the sources are given to satisfy even the most obsessed reference hunter (like myself).

For all of us who want to know – really know – what this is all about, the politics are carefully explained. To satisfy those who thirst for justice in every argument, the point of view of those who champion GMOs is also carefully discussed. This book is not unlike a murder mystery because the author allows the reader to explore the topic from all aspects, then nails the victim and the criminal without violating one’s sense of fairness or degenerating into hyperbole or dogmatic zeal.

This is a masterpiece and a veritable well of information. The water in that well is life-giving, uncontaminated by the poison of reckless money interests. Read it and learn how to shop for food that can safely be eaten and maybe even lend a hand to help stop this madness against nature and health.

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