From Density Consciousness to Soul Awareness

Kathy Ryndak, Gord RiddellThe new energies of 2012 are abundantly here, so now is the time to seize the moment and take a quantum leap in consciousness. Some of the key spiritual concepts which define this momentous year are the opening of the mystical heart, unity consciousness, we are all one, bringing heavenly energies to earth, choosing joy, and co-creating to serve all. The most important process­­ – for those who are ready – is to move out of density consciousness or the negative ego and into soul awareness. Let’s explore what it means to be ego driven versus soul guided.

Coming from the Ego

Importantly, we are not meant to annihilate the ego but rather have the ego become the willing servant of our soul. You will always have an ego as long as you are on this Earth, since the ego serves us by making decisions, setting boundaries, meeting our needs, and having self-esteem. We need to remember, however, that we are first “spiritual beings having a human experience.” And as C.S. Lewis noted, “You don’t have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.”

Ego Check List

Here are some indicators that you are coming from your ego. Please don’t judge yourself for any that you identify with, but rather have compassionate awareness for yourself:

•  You are judgmental of others including yourself.
•  Righteousness! You are always right!
•  You blame others, are not accountable, and don’t take ownership or responsibility.
•  You identify with your victim, wounds, and feel sorry for yourself a lot.
•  You become and stay stuck in your story and don’t move forward.
•  You come from fear, doubt, lack, and scarcity.
•  You are addicted to drama and recycle your pain.
•  You compare yourself to others and will either feel inferior or superior.
•  You are obsessed with what others think of you.
•  You need to control others.
•  You are either disempowered or a power monger.
•  You have an us-versus-them consciousness.
•  You are needy and expect others to meet all your needs.

If you go into these energies you realize they are dense and of a lower frequency. They don’t feel good to reside in and by becoming aware you have the choice to move yourself to a higher way of being.

Coming from Soul

Aligning with Source and your Soul comes through awareness, being conscious, and doing much inner work and emotional healing. Through the art of consistent self-inquiry, self-reflection, and inner examination we become more conscious, authentic, and real. Through transforming our wounds and burning off the lower egoic selves, alchemy changes our leaden consciousness to gold. Our identity is realigned from our personality/ego to our Soul. We become Sacred Humans.

Soul Check List

Here is a sampling of some wonderful soul qualities experienced when you are aligned to Source:

•  You trust that everything is unfolding as it should. Even if you are going through a challenge, you trust that you will be guided by the Divine.
•  You are able to enter into the mystery and don’t need to know all the answers.
•  You come from love, not fear.
•  You are able to forgive and move forward.
•  You focus on the currencies of light, love, truth, empowerment, joy, and trans­formation versus the currency of money.
•  You experience higher frequency emotions more often such as gratitude, appreciation, harmony, and peace.
•  Your sense of wonderment and enchantment are rekindled from your inner child. You love synchronicity and little miracles.
•  You share your special gifts through being of service and live your higher purpose.
•  You experience more of your Joy Body (versus Pain Body).
•  Your mystical heart opens and you know that we are all one.
•  When you are triggered you see it as an opportunity to learn something about yourself.
•  You know that life will still present difficult situations in order for you to grow.
•  You realize that you still have some parts of yourself that are not evolved and address them with compassion.
•  You passionately and abundantly co-create your vision with the Divine.
•  You live in the present moment.

Spiritualized Ego – Beware!

Sri and Kira of the TOSA Centre coined the phrase “spiritualized ego” and here are some of their thoughts on this concept: “The spiritualized ego is more love-based, aware and transcendent than the ego in density consciousness. However, it is still addicted to fear and control. It trades more common problems for more highly evolved ones through the ego learning the language of spirituality.”

It is like an oxymoron. One could be driven to become enlightened, be spiritually grandiose, or have great ambition to become spiritually famous. Here is how the spiritualized ego may talk:

•  I am on my last lifetime.
•  I am on my 50th initiation.
•  I am more evolved than you.
•  I have reached enlightenment.
•  I have overcome my humanness.
•  I don’t have an ego anymore.
•  I am all love and joy.
•  I am a spiritual goddess. I am like an Ascended Master.
•  “All is well,” “All is well” in the face of a misfortune.

Sri and Kira state that “the ego is still the ego no matter how evolved it sounds!” When we come from soul we have a sense of humbleness. The spiritualized ego can also go into spiritual bypass and avoid one’s human “stuff.”
Being aligned with Source and coming from Soul requires daily spiritual practice and constant awareness and consciousness.

Here is a beautiful mantra from Sri and Kira to help you hold this energy: “I am here. I am ready. I am open. Guide me.”

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