FLORA’S Gandalf Astaxanthin™


– a Potent Antioxidant

The human body was designed to protect itself against free radicals by neutralizing and removing them from the bloodstream. But in today’s polluted world, it is easy for the body to become overwhelmed. To help boost the body’s ability to fight free radicals, consumption of high quality antioxidants can be very beneficial.

Different varieties of antioxidants protect different parts of our cells, depending on whether they are water or fat soluble. Gandalf Astaxanthin™, sourced from the red microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis, is both, offering protection to the entire cell structure. It also contains a wide spectrum of carotenoids, the antioxidants found naturally in red, green, and orange vegetables. Besides being nature’s strongest antioxidant, astaxanthin is special in other ways too. For example, many other antioxidants cannot reach the brain and eyes; but astaxanthin does get to these vital organs to protect them from free radicals.

While powerful, the astaxanthin molecule’s natural form leaves it vulnerable to the elements, namely oxygen, light, and heat. To protect and retain its potency and quality, Gandalf Astaxanthin™ uses light- and oxygen-resistant packaging. Backed by 30 years of research, Gandalf Astaxan-thin™ is available in quality vegan gel capsules, in health food stores across Canada.

Flora Manufacturing & Distributing Ltd. is the exclusive distributor of Hawaiian Gandalf Spirulina™ and Gandalf Astaxanthin™. Learn more at www.flora health.com or call 1-888-436-6697.

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