Inner Self Exploration Through ‘Life Between Lives’ Sessions

Have you ever asked the question, “Why am I here?; Is there  life after death?”; or “Is there a purpose to my life?” We may rationalize that life is the result of one’s upbringing, or the society in which one lives, or maybe it’s payback for karmic debt. The answers to all these questions are within ourselves.

Available today are two accepted modalities that are commonly used to explore the wealth of information stored within our minds and not readily available to us: Past Life Exploration and LBL [Life-Between-Lives]. Before doing LBL work, the client is strongly advised to become familiar with Past-life Exploration and to have, at least, one individual session. The work requires deep trance such as the theta state [Landgraf, M. 1997]. Most people are able to attain and to maintain that level. With an appropriate technique, the client becomes so relaxed that any memories or information that are needed can be accessed from the client’s own supraconscious mind and later, after the trance part of the session, those retrieved memories can be examined and understood by the conscious mind. The beauty of it is that the answers are within us.

People choose to experience an LBL session for various reasons. Those reasons often depend upon the seemingly insurmountable issues in their lives. Information regarding career choices, relationships, health issues, and soul purpose can all be accessed. Additionally, we can learn about our spiritual nature, contact spirit guides, or meet with loved ones in the in-between-lives realm. We can learn how to forgive those who have hurt us by understanding the reasons for their behaviour. Some-times we discover that we, ourselves, have asked for these specific lessons as they are integral to our soul development. Knowing this makes forgiving much easier; in fact, gratitude actually replaces the blame-forgiveness experience.

Past-Life vs LBL Sessions

Past-Life Exploration allows us to access the subconscious mind where all memories reside – past, present, and potential future. We can find the root cause of any existing issues or beliefs that are blocking us in life and preventing us from being all we can be. Once we have accessed one of these blockages, reformatted our perception and belief related to the issue, the ensuing elimination of the root cause results in harmony and a balance which is transformational in nature. The individual is freed from the shackles of the past.

Life-between-Lives [LBL] Exploration is a logical extension and outgrowth of Past life Exploration; where an even more profound experience is available. The techniques of LBL therapy allow us to access soul memories within the higher state of consciousness that we call the Superconscious or Supraconscious mind. We can enter the Morphic Field where immeasurable energy from the highest source is available to us to use in our own self-healing. We are enabled to travel to the spirit world, to meet our spirit guides, meet with our soul groups, and meet with a council which is benevolent and offers advice which brings us an understanding and clarity which we can apply to our current lives. Aspects of an LBL experience have been likened to many aspects of the near death experience [NDE]. In LBL sessions, many individuals report seeing a light, meeting loved ones, and feeling unconditional love from very wise, evolved, and loving beings.

LBL Session Outline

With an appropriate induction, you will enter the ‘in-between lives’ spirit realm. This is the spirit home of the soul, a place to which we return between reincarnations. In this dimension, we rest, revisit with loved ones, and spend time with our spirit guides or guardian angels. We reenergize and heal ourselves and have access to amazing energies, such as those in the Morphic Field. We learn and relearn lessons we have either forgotten or did not know. We meet with our council of wise, evolved and loving beings with whom we examine the life just lived and assess our soul’s progress. They give us wise suggestions without recrimination or blame. After we return from the trance state, we feel transformed and have amazing clarity about the current life. Life purpose becomes clear, as do the relationships – the people we have chosen to be in our lives. It truly is a wondrous journey. The LBL experience is an intense, sacred journey which provides the answers to fundamental existential questions.

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Debbie Papadakis is a Registered Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Relationship Coach, Reiki Master, Author of The Relationship Code: Heal Your Wounded Heart, Life Between Lives and Past Life Regression Practitioner/Trainer, NGH and IMDHA Trainer for hypnotherapy and founder of the Hypno Healing Institute Holistic Clinic and Training Center in Toronto. She has been featured in Oprah’s O’ Magazine and O’s Big Book Of Happiness, among other media outlets.

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