Execalm Formula Combines Herbs and Nutrients to Clear Eczema and Other Skin Problems

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Your skin is your first line of defense and it deserves special care. Cold weather is coming, and so is dry skin. If you have hypersensitive skin or your skin is prone to eczema, you probably experience dry, flaky skin, red rashes, and constant itching.

A healthy skin barrier is key to healthy balanced skin. It prevents allergens, bacteria, and irritants from penetrating into the body. A balanced oil to water ratio is key to help prevent skin from becoming dehydrated.

  • Causes of eczema: Genetics, asthma, hay fever, allergic rhinitis, leaky gut syndrome, stress, and anxiety are all factors leading to eczema. This is a recurring chronic or sporadic inflammation of the skin that usually begins in early childhood and can continue throughout adolescence and into adulthood. Also, eczema can affect children in families with no known history of eczema or allergic conditions. Eczema is a skin manifestation associated with an allergic response, either to environmental allergens or to certain foods, driven by hypersensitivity.

When our immune system is activated by an allergic reaction, it releases white blood cells that release substances causing inflammation, which leads to the appearance of itching and redness.

  • Inside-Out Treatment: It is now possible to manage eczema and to prevent it from spreading out, with Execalm capsules, an in-depth treatment for this condition.
  • The power of six medicinal plants: The phytotherapeutic mix in this formula allows elimination of metabolic waste by helping the blood, liver, kidneys, lymphatic system to function effectively. It also contains B vitamins and minerals that promote skin regeneration.

Execalm contains two major regenerators of skin cells: Marine DNA, and an extraordinary super food – Centella Asiatica – used for all dermatological conditions. It also contains Burdock and Pansy which have the reputation of being blood purifiers. To supplement the formula, zinc is added to help the skin heal, along with selenium, vitamin B, biotin, rutin and vitamin E.
Execalm capsules can also be beneficial for skin conditions such as psoriasis, hives, acne, blotches or rosacea, capillary permeability, lymphadenitis, and all other types of skin eruptions, in addition to providing the body with elements that help restore and nourish the skin via the lymphatic system. (Note that during the healing process, a healing crisis may occur, which is a temporary exacerbation of symptoms at the beginning of a treatment. This is a common progression as skin conditions heal.)

To ease itching and prevent scratching, use Execalm Cream in conjunction with Execalm capsules, applying it twice a day or more. This therapeutic and hydrating moisturizer helps protect the natural barrier of skin’s surface, calming skin and alleviating all its ailments.

With your skin at ease, you can be comfortable in your own skin again.

Key ingredients:

  • Licorice: anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, helps to heal leaky gut.
  • Fumitory: Skin benefit linked to action on the digestive system and its anti-serotoninergic and antihistamine actions.
  • Burdock: a blood purifier and cleanser, allows the removal of metabolic wastes. Has lymphatic action.
  • Pansy: antimicrobial, anti-candida, and anti-allergic, wound healing and astringent. A pediatric remedy for eczema and milk crust. Combined with Rutin, it protects, strengthens and counters capillary fragility found with rosacea.

Execalm capsules and cream are available in health food stores across Canada.

Company profile:
Founded in Canada in 1984, Herbasanté specializes in natural products, and is one of the few companies offering both homeopathic remedies and medicinal plant remedies. It is a member and co-founder of the Canadian Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Association (APHC), with over 25 years manufacturing innovative and affordable products. For more information, visit www.herbasante.ca

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