Emei Qigong: Clearing Negativity from Within


The first time that I learned of Emei Qigong, I saw a full-page ad for a free five-day course. The description sounded interesting, but I was a little suspicious. I asked myself, “Why is it free? Is it a cult group or a new way to sell timeshares?” I thought, “I’ll check it out and leave if it is a marketing scam!”

Here is what I learned …

Emei Qigong is an 800-year-old lineage passed down 13 generations to its current Grandmaster. The lineage was started by an enlightened Buddhist monk named “White Cloud” who examined, filtered and integrated close to 3,600 schools of thought that included philosophy, energy science, spirituality, healing techniques, still and moving meditations, diet, martial arts, breathing techniques, morals and ethics, ESP training and much more.

The 12th lineage holder assigned his student, Wei Zhong Fu (who became the 13th lineage holder), the task of carrying these secret teachings back to the people so that “humanity may shine like the sun!”

In the 1970s, the new lineage holder, Grandmaster Fu, began teaching Emei Qigong to medical doctors, traditional Chinese doctors and the general public in China. Crowds gathered in soccer stadiums in numbers as large as 100,000 to hear the teachings. During these sessions, healings occurred – including the blind being able to see and the paralyzed starting to walk. From Malaysia to Turkey, Jamaica to San Diego, Grandmaster Fu has taught all over the world, honing the presentation of the Emei Qigong teachings for simplicity and quality benefitting all.


During a three-year retreat, Grandmaster Fu deciphered the knowledge of the Three Jewels encoded by “White Cloud” in the Lotus Canon Treasure books that chronicled the vast body of Emei Qigong knowledge. With this information which was unseen by the previous 12 generations of Emei, Grandmaster Fu designed the Wuji Gong form with the current societal environment in mind.

The Wuji Gong form is a moving meditation that connects us with the flowing, healing energy of the universe. This practice combines self-vibration, alignment of the Three Jewels – namely heaven, earth and humanity – with the flowing peace of the Wuji state to create a simple yet magnificently profound form that supports and enhances every facet of human existence.

The self-vibration portion is based on the principle: “1,000 vibrations create 100 healings.” Vibration is useful because it cures diseases and improves health. The internal particles and energy collide, rearrange and renew creating optimized patterns for evolution.

The simple taiji movements within the Alignment of Heaven, Earth and Humanity aspects of the teachings are orchestrated to awaken and initiate the movement of qi (energy) throughout the meridians and energy channels of the body. The sequence of the stretches and exercises go through the body sections that correlate with heaven, earth and humanity. The awakened energies begin flowing strongly, leading into the Self Wuji where all thoughts are shelved and the body follows the universal qi naturally and circularly.

The Wuji state, a state of letting go and flowing with the universe, allows the now active energies to go where needed, resolving physical and mental issues, creating the basis for spiritual growth and oneness. Benefits include: balanced emotions; stress reduction; self-healing; heightened awareness; flowing with calmness and joy; and many more. To say that the Wuji Gong form “enhances every facet of human existence” is not an exaggeration.


Emei Qigong teaches the origin and use of Qi Information Empowered Objects (Empowered Objects). Empowered objects are one of the intriguing parts of Emei Qigong. In everyday life we encounter many empowered objects such as a book, a painting, jewelry, statues, symbols, bottles, even food and drink such as bread, water and wine.


The Emei Qigong empowered objects are “qigongized” in daily ceremonies that last for one to two hours by the lineage holder. Approximately 5,000 mantras and symbols are sent into objects by the Grandmaster. These objects include necklaces, bracelets, blankets and jade. This is what enables these empowered objects to clear negative energy and to also send out various positive energies. The usages of the empowered blanket, empowered mala beads and empowered jade include: healing physical and emotional illness; balancing the feng shui of a person or room; protection from negative energy; creating healing water for drinking, cooking or bathing the skin; and meditation.

It is fun to validate the efficacy of the empowered water with a blind taste test.

Just holding an empowered object brings calm and an “it feels good” response from most people upon an initial encounter. By studying the underlying theory, we learn that the empowered object absorbs negative or diseased qi, deconstructs it and sends it to another space or dimension, completely isolating it from harming anyone again. This follows Newton’s Law of Physics: “Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it merely changes form.”

Two other fantastic healing tools that anyone can learn and use from the vast Emei Qigong selection include Sacred Healing Sounds and the Method to Clear and Transfer Disease.

Sacred Healing Sounds are more than 1,000 years old, predating Emei Qigong. Emei Qigong has gone further by validating each sound and the corresponding healing effect on an internal organ. The vibration of each sound goes straight to the organ, creating balance and healing. For example, the sacred healing sound “shang” vibrates the lungs. Try this sound the next time you are coughing and observe your body’s response.

The Method to Clear and Transfer Disease could also be called “throwing away bad energy so it will never bother you again.” This method works for emotional, physical, karmic and unknown illnesses and clears the root cause. When you throw the energy, using the sound that corresponds with the emotion or body part, it is like throwing a meatball to a dog.  You will never see that meatball again!

When learning a large body of formerly secret knowledge from ancient China, it can be daunting to the reality of our current belief system. By approaching the Emei school with an open mind, we can learn the underlying principles of the lineage and carry the wisdom beyond Emei into any direction or life experience to gain insight and understanding.

Balancing, vibration, and awareness are keywords used within Emei principles. As the knowledge is reviewed and deeper understanding is attained, the clarity of the integrated energy science that is Emei Qigong can enhance and enlighten our lives. This complete system, in a moment or a lifetime, can be used to clear all negativity from within each cell of our body, revealing our true nature of kindness, truth and compassion.

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