Dreamspeak: Nightly Amnesia

SWEET DREAMS: My Top Ten Remedies for Insomnia

At the end of our lives, we will have spent almost 7 years dreaming, most of which we won’t remember.

“I don’t dream.” Is the most common response I get from people when they discover the line of work I’m in. Never more than two minutes elapses before the same person will say, “…but I did have a strange dream last night.”

Welcome to Dreamspeak, a column in which we’ll be exploring the intriguing world of dreaming. We will be looking at the art and architecture of dreams, learning practical methods for understanding their structure as well as marveling at their mystical qualities.

The truth is we all dream every night. While we are asleep, complex symbols are narrated together in a sophisticated order to form our private myths. Yet every morning, we wake up with amnesia. Or, if we do remember something, it reads like gibberish. This is not because we need an expert to interpret our dreams, but because we have forgotten our mother tongue, the language of symbols.

Our psyche generates, grows through and is healed by images. So intrinsic are they to us that our everyday speech is made up of them. We ‘dig our own graves’ and get ‘knots in our stomach’, we find ourselves ‘feeling raw’. But in our infatuation with the literal world, we have forgotten how to recognize these symbols when they appear in our dreams.

Like most things, dreaming strengthens with intention and discipline. Here are some tips for recall that, if earnestly followed, will have you dreaming up a storm. Read the rest here. <http://tokopa.wordpress.com/2007/01/20/nightly-amnesia-nelson-daily-news-jan07/>

If you have a dream you’d like to share, or have questions and responses to Dreamspeak, please email dreamquestion@gmail.com. Keep in mind that not all dreams will be used for future columns, so if you’d like a personal reading with Toko-pa, you can arrange it by phone 250-551-0729 or online http://www.herownroom.com/ask_toko-pa/main.htm .  To find out about upcoming workshops and events, visit the Dream School website http://www.herownroom.com/

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