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September: Is the Real New Year!

As I write this column, we are in the ‘dog days’ of summer. The origin of this expression is astronomical:  the rising of the sun in the Northern Hemisphere coincides with the appearance of the constellations of Orion’s dog and the dog star, Sirius, accompanied by “those lazy, hazy days” of summer which make us want to relax. My hope is that you did experience lots of R & R this summer, and you got away for a vacation or an interesting staycation. Many medical experts recommend that you start planning your next vacation when you return from your last one, budget providing.  This gives you something joyful to look forward to and daydream about.

As an aside, let me briefly share my trip to the Magical and Mystical Emerald Isle of Ireland. What struck me most were a number of things … the wit, humour, and friendliness of the Irish,  meeting local people, their belief in ancient folklore, and their tales of Lepre-chauns and nature spirits. Can you believe there is actually a Leprechaun Museum in Dublin which focuses on this subject?  Additionally, the elementals on the Dingle Coast are especially spirited and energizing.

September – the Real New Year

September is one of my favourite months of the year. For me, September represents new beginnings, and rejuvenating energies – even more than does the New Year.

The new school year cycle starts in September, accompanied by the excitement of meeting new students and experiencing the energies of new groups. Everyone is keenly motivated and inspired to embark upon new endeavours, perhaps a second career, or maybe just renewing a commitment to their spiritual development. As a child, I have fond memories of the first day of school, meeting my new classmates, wearing a special outfit, and my new array of vibrant pencil crayons.

Let’s explore the concepts of co-creation and intent to get your ‘New Year’ off on the right foot.

First of all, January 1 is not always the best time to set your intentions. You might be tired from all the festive, seasonal activities you’ve just been involved in, and there may well be a deep freeze that makes you want to hibernate and cocoon. It is a known fact that many New Year’s resolutions fail because intensions originate from a negative thought – especially the one that says: “I need to lose weight and work out” rather than “I choose to eat healthfully and engage in physical activity for my wellness.”

Learning and new knowledge is archetypal to the month of September and has long been ingrained in us. You may want to take practical courses that enhance your livelihood, embark upon second career training, or indulge a passion that you have been wanting to explore. You can even push your comfort zone by taking a course in a subject that enlivens you but about which you may have some doubts.

Let’s set the stage for the right vibration needed in order for you to co-create your intentions with Source:

The Art of Co-Creation

The difference between co-creation and manifesting is that, in the act of co-creation, we partner with God or the Divine to create what our soul, not our ego, wants in life. We align our soul’s desires and passion with our higher purpose.

Below are some aspects of co-creation:
• It is done with ease and grace;
• We are aligned with Source energy;
• We obtain maximum results with minimal energy expenditure;
• We trust in Divine Providence;
• When we are in harmony and alignment with ourselves and others, co-creation will be amplified;
• We read symbolic sights and synchronicity and follow its guidance;
• We take action and the next step unfolds naturally for us;
• Our work helps to evolve the planet, making it a better place to live.


Intention is a key aspect of co-creation. Wayne Dyer elaborates on this idea in his book, The Power of Intention. Intention is more than just having a strong purpose, will, and determination to achieve a result. He references Carlos Castaneda’s definition: “When sorcerers beckon intent, it comes to them and sets up the path for attainment.” Dyer says that “activating intention means rejoining your Source and becoming a modern day ‘sorcerer.’ Sorcerers are those who live of the Source”.

By aligning your free will with your Source and higher purpose, your intention will be synchronized with the power and field of energy of the universal mind.


Mind Mapping is a valuable tool that can help in gaining clarity about what you want to co-create in each area of your life. A good way to do this is to buy a sketch book and magic markers to map out your vision. Aspects of your life that you can consider include: love, health, career, spirituality, spiritual practice, prosperity, family, friends, gratitude, home, education, garden, pets, travel, passions, hobbies, volunteer work, and so on.

Vision Boards involve cutting out photos from magazines, or drawing pictures that reflect the areas in your life you wish to focus upon.

As a daily affirmation reminder, a good place to post your Mind Mapping book and/or Vision Board is in a sacred place within your home – maybe in the place where you meditate.

Powerful Affirmations and the I AM Presence

You can empower your affirmations by using the I AM prefix, which means ‘God is within me and all around me’. For example, if you feel you live in scarcity consciousness, affirm ‘I AM prosperous; I AM abundant’. We must feel and express this gratitude in the present moment, and as if this abundance already exists, in order to attract it to us. Another powerful tool is to state your name before the quality that you want to manifest: ‘I AM Kathy; I AM prosperous.’ We never want to use a negative after ‘I AM’ – such as ‘I am sick’; rather affirm ‘I AM well and healthy’.

Already There

In order to co-create, we must believe that what we desire has already come to us; we must “act as if”. We must feel the joy of the end result, and the full gamut of emotions that go with manifesting our dream. Most importantly, we need to feel appreciation and gratitude, the most magnetic of all emotions.

As the song goes, we hope to “See you in September” at Transformational Arts, and may you co-create your most passionate dreams with the best of your intentions.


Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak are co-founders of the Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training. The College offers professional training programs in Spiritual Psychotherapy, Spiritual Director, Holistic Health, and Coaching. For more information or for a course calendar, call 416-484-0454 or 1-800-TAC-SELF, or visit To receive their monthly e-newsletter, email

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