Conscious Evolution: Vision for a New Earth Spirituality

I  have just finished taking a groundbreaking course with Barbara Max Hubbard, visionary and futurist, on becoming an Agent for Conscious Evolution, and I would like to share some of her brilliant ideas on the process of Conscious Evolution with you. Here, I have either quoted her directly or paraphrased some of her thoughts.

The world is currently going through tremendous labour pains at an accelerated pace to rebirth itself at a higher level of consciousness. The Great Shift or ‘2012’ is the moment we have all been waiting for although it’s been a challenging ride. For the first time as a species, we have the opportunity to co-create a New Earth through being conscious about our evolution.

Cooperation – Not Competition

Humans are the only species “that have a choice to destroy ourselves or to evolve.”  Without a doubt, we will need to evolve in order to sustain our planet and survive. We now have greater insight into how we evolve; the Darwinian model is regarded as incomplete.

In fact, humankind is actually hardwired for cooperation and democracy although this is often not evident. We can actually co-create the New Earth by “evolving by choice,” and not by chance as we have done for billions of years. “Crises always precede transformation.” The problems and challenges we are experiencing are our evolutionary drivers.

Homosapien may not be our final human form. In evolving consciously, we could move from Homo-sapien to perhaps Homouni-versalis or Homospiritus or the emergence of the Sacred Human. There is also much discussion now about activation of ghost DNA and that we actually have 12 strands. Here are some important concepts about our evolution from Hubbard:

– We are moving “from being procreators, to co-evolutionists, to co-creators.”  In being a co-creator, we move from procreative sex to “suprasex” as we join our ideas and genius (not our genes) for the larger good of humanity.

– If the universe is constantly “self-creating, self-organizing and self-transcending,” then we are too!

– It is a participatory universe, in which we all take a part in co-creating.

– In regarding Earth as a living spiritual being (Gaia) – the whole cosmos is also a living, spiritual being.

– Quantum physics has proven that everything is interconnected, we are one, and that the universe is unitary.

– Morphic resonance in the field causes evolution. When nature evolves, she takes quantum jumps through greater synergy and the results are exponential, new systems are formed and the unexpected can occur.

– Very importantly, only species that learn to cooperate with nature survive!

–As we evolve, we move to “more freedom and a complex order.”

So, we are undergoing massive transformation and we will either break down or break through – we must, of course,  hold the intention to break through by becoming  proactive co-creators of the New Earth.

We must do many things to evolve – come from the mystical heart, join heart and unity consciousness, and become soul guided vs. ego driven. The Divine Feminine needs to merge with the Divine Masculine.

The God Particle and Unity Consciousness

Science and spirituality are further merging in the field of quantum physics.  We are very close to discovering the God Particle or Unification Molecule that proves that everything is interconnected. The following was excerpted from a radio show at www.

“The God Particle, also known as the Higgs boson, was made popular by the Dan Brown book and movie Angels and Demons. The search for this mystifying particle is part of a quantum physics experiment of CERN’s Large Hadron Collider near Geneva.  CERN has recently announced that they expect to confirm the existence of this particle near the last part of 2012 (which coincides with the end of the current Mayan calendar).”

The God Particle is actually a Unification Molecule reminding us that we are all one, everything is interconnected and that unity consciousness exists in our universe. Unity consciousness has always been a tenet of Eastern and Mayan spirituality and been implicitly part of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  It is speculated that the God Particle endows all other particles in the universe with mass and hence it’s part of co-creation.  It is a primer element that will open up gateways to other worlds and dimensions.

The scientific evidence of unity consciousness will drastically change our perception of reality and end our illusions of separateness. It will catapult us into the next level of humanity’s evolution. With unity consciousness, we will start to see humanity as one, and that God is in everyone and everything. I am part of you and you are part of me.  We will end dualistic thinking that separates things and the holism of life.  Interestingly, it is the ego that individuates and separates and the soul that sees everything as holistically interconnected.

This quote from Christianity aptly sums all of this up: Jesus states that “As you do to the least of these my brothers and sisters, you do to me.  You and I and God are all one in one another.”  In other words, when we hurt another, we also hurt ourselves and the Divine.

So these are incredible times that we live in! Would it not be wonderful if humanity could finally live in unity consciousness and come from the mystical heart which is unconditional love for all! When we co-create from unity consciousness, what we manifest not only benefits ourselves but all of humankind.


Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak are therapists and co-founders of the Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training. The College offers professional training programs in Spiritual Psychotherapy, Spiritual Director, Holistic Health and Coaching. It offers psychospiritual courses through a 10-part program “Discovering the Total Self”.

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Gord Riddell and Kathy Ryndak are co-founders of the Transformational Arts College of Spiritual and Holistic Training. The College offers professional training programs in Spiritual Psychotherapy, Spiritual Director, Holistic Health, and Coaching. For more information or for a course calendar, call 416-484-0454 or 1-800-TAC-SELF, or visit To receive their monthly e-newsletter, email

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