Strategies for Tapping Into the Spiritual Realms

Perhaps the idea of a collective energy basket filled with ideas may not be all that far-fetched.

When one talks about being conscious, and living ‘consciously’, there is an opportunity to explore the deeper meaning of the words. Consciousness can embrace awareness of the body, the emotions, and our mental, intellectual, and spiritual selves. These various parts are all busy working within their own designated special areas which aren’t always in harmony with one another.

For example, the mind / brain relationship creates other levels of awareness and interconnectedness with such areas as the subconscious – the loyal servant that stores memory, habits, rituals, and beliefs about ourselves and the world we inhabit. The subconscious is unable, however, to differentiate what is true from what is not.

Many Layers of Consciousness

The conscious mind lives within the time/space continuum, sorting through billions of bits of data introduced through our senses and feelings, determining what is to be held in memory and what is discarded.

And Carl Jung introduced us to the superconscious – that part of us which lives beyond the confines of time and space, and beyond the limitations of the beliefs we hold regarding life and who we are. Our ‘Higher Self’ is part of the superconscious, assisting us in understanding our truth, our life purpose, and the interconnectedness of all things.

There is still yet another area for consideration, an  additional level that Jung called the ‘collective unconscious’. It is here that all of humanity’s thoughts and energies combine and where we are all connected, even though we are rarely aware of its influence upon us.

Here’s an example of the collective unconsciousness: You have an idea for a business or a consumer product and you keep pondering it, feeling that it’s a really good idea, and then you let it go. Or you no longer even remember the idea, until one day you enter a store and there it is – the very product you’d imagined creating yourself. The idea you’d been contemplating and entertaining as a possibility has been brought to fruition by someone else.

At different times in our lives we will connect with this vast available pool of ideas and information; we may even zero in on a business idea, or an explanation of why certain things are the way they are. The point is: we are surrounded by vast amounts of information that any of us can access and utilize, provided we act on them when they’re received.

Channeling the Universe

The idea of channeling is as old as human history – and comes from such sources as the Oracles of Delphi in ancient Greece and modern day mystics like Edgar Casey and Jane Roberts. The Spiritualist Movement started in the mid-1850’s with the Fox Sisters in New York State, and it attracted such luminaries as writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of Sherlock Holmes fame. Additionally, Madame Blavatsky gave birth to the Theosophical Society.

Throughout history, intuitive individuals have tapped into this vast array of information, whether it was intended for the recipient’s own use or intended to help others better understand the nature of spirituality and the evolving consciousness of the human race.

Such information can come to us when we’re sitting quietly in the park, in the shower, or it can from an intuitive or Medium. No matter who gives us the information, the same question is always asked – what is the source of this information? Is it a departed Spirit who is helping us, or perhaps an elevated teacher of the non-physical realms? Others have laid claim to a group of spirit entities whose task is to steer the human race through the obstacles it creates for itself in an effort to move us forward to a pre-ordained destination whereby we create a spiritual world, free of conflict, war and greed.

The sources of information are as varied as the vehicles of delivery. Perhaps Jung’s term, the ‘collective unconscious’ best sums up the idea that all of our ideas, thoughts, and creativity are collectively moving around in the ethers until someone tunes in and draws the idea into a physical existence. If we consider the myriad of thoughts that we humans collectively have each and every day, most of which we ignore and don’t act upon, perhaps the idea of a collective energy basket filled with ideas, even answers, may not be that far-fetched.

Discernment Required

Information received from channelled sources needs to be carefully considered in order to ensure it is harmless. For instance, someone receiving a channelled message telling them to quit a medication they’re currently taking for a medical condition would be ill advised to simply stop taking the meds. Instead, they could visit their medical practitioner to discuss whether an alternative medication might provide similar benefit(s). It is not unheard of for practitioners, through anecdotal stories, to investigate and discover that a patient’s current medication is causing harmful side effects, and needs review.

Discernment is exercised naturally by all of us every day. We do not, or should not, believe everything we read, see on television, or are told by friends. The source of new information is of paramount importance; do we trust the person relaying it? Are they coming from a place of caring and compassion or from their ego? All information that comes through any human being has been interpreted, even if only slightly, by the giver or the medium, who has their own set of filters – filters which are very difficult to turn off. Receiving this information, we then hear and assimilate it through our own personal filters.

The other key element of discernment involves asking ourselves this question: Does this information feel right to me? When we receive a message of any sort, we can ask: Does it feel right in my heart? Does my first reaction to this information make me recoil? Does my tummy suddenly feel ‘off’?

Our intuition, if we have honed the skill of listening to it, will tell us if we are discerning correctly, and whether or not we are hearing the right thing as it pertains to us. Here’s a tip: if you find yourself working very hard at trying to make the message work for you, stop. If a message is meant for you, it will slide onto you just like an old, worn leather glove. It will just feel right.

In many of the world’s traditions, messages received intuitively are regarded as blessings; in other traditions, messages from the non-physical world are considered ‘wrong’ and deemed not worthy of consideration. No attempt is being made here to definitively say from what source such information may originate. The concept of Jung’s ‘collective unconscious’ is viable, given the complexity of the human brain. Certainly, such complexity lends itself to a belief that unseen helpers and guides of the non-physical world may be working to assist us humans in our spiritual evolution.

No matter the source of this help, it is our openness to the possibilities, and our discernment of the messages received, that gives the medium an important role as the go-between, facilitating both the physical and the non-physical world.

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