Community News – Jan’17/Feb’18

Happy Nutrition is a new family-oriented store located in Bloor West Village, Toronto

OPEN HOUSE AT HAPPY NUTRITION ON JANUARY 20 – Need help with choosing supplements and foods that are right for your entire family? Visit Happy Nutrition. This newly opened store in Bloor West Village is family-oriented and fun to visit. Happy Nutrition was founded by Holistic Nutritionist and mom Olga Grass (Certified Nutritional Practitioner), and born out of her passion for natural approach to family health.

Happy Nutrition is a healthy family store where you can learn about natural health, discover your unique biochemistry, and shop for the best supplements, snacks, and skincare products for your entire family. You’ll find natural products for babies (including organic baby food from Europe), kids, moms, dads, and even pets! There is a play area for kids, a nursing room for moms with babies, and a health library stocked with books for everyone! With a holistic nutritionist onsite, you can get personalized nutritional assessments and order functional tests (Live Cell Analysis, Nutrigen-omix, Hair Mineral Analysis, IgG food sensitivity testing, Organic Acids Test, and more).

Interested in managing your chronic condition naturally? Interested in prevention? Thinking of starting a family and determined to give your child the best start in life using nutrition? Happy Nutrition is pleased to announce the Grand Opening of a Health Academy where you can become your own health detective through weekly interactive classes and workshops focused on women’s and children’s health. To learn about the upcoming class schedule, visit their Open House on January 20.

Visit Happy Nutrition at 2323 Bloor Street West, Unit 5 (Bloor and Windermere), Toronto, Ont. Call (416) 875-7240. Find them online

THE POWER OF HYPNOSIS FOR HEALING RELATIONSHIPS – Debbie Papadakis, founder of Toronto’s Hypno Healing Institute, would like to offer her congratulations to the newly graduated Certified Hypnotists who have completed the 77th Professional Hypnosis Certification Training at HHI.

On Fri., February 9, from 6:30 – 9 pm, join HHI for their workshop on Healing Relationships (with family, friends, co-workers, partners, and others).

Debbie Papadakis, who was featured in Oprah’s ‘O’ magazine, is a Registered Psychotherapist, Board Certified Hypnotherapist, Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC), Trainer and the Founding Director of Hypno Healing Institute, a Toronto-based Hypnosis training school and clinic. Classes and workshops are held at Hypno Healing Institute; for details call (416) 760-8996 or visit

YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR VISION – Improve your vision this winter with an 8-week series of Vision Improvement Classes that run from 6:30 to 8:30 pm on Wednesdays, January 24 through March 14, 2018. Natural Vision Education teaches you how your eyes, brain, and mind can work together to create healthier eyes and clearer seeing. To accomplish these changes in vision they use a number of methods including Mindful-ness of Vision, the Bates Method, Feldenkrais Aware-ness Through Movement®, and Sounder Sleep System™.

Each week, participants will experience new vision activities, and learn how to fit them into their personal lifestyle easily and comfortably. Learn at your own pace in a relaxed and fun atmosphere to acquire the skills that work for you personally. Classes are small and provide lots of individual attention. Though this class is rich in content, it moves at a relaxed pace, to create a balance between theory, experiential learning, relaxation and time to feel the shifts necessary for seeing clearly.

To find out more about how natural vision education works, or for free phone consult, call Alexandra Hughes (416) 923-3893, email, or visit Alexandra has been using and teaching Natural Vision Education since 2002. She is also a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner, a psychotherapist, a gifted and intuitive practitioner who brings a playful attitude and perceptive approach to creating openings for learning and change.

Dr. Paul Hrkal, ND, gave an interesting lecture at Whole Life Expo on “How to Get the Most Out of Magnesium”

WHOLE LIFE EXPO VIDEO AND AUDIO RECORDINGS NOW AVAILABLE – The 31st annual Whole Life Expo held on November 3, 4, 5 offered over 85 lectures and demonstrations to attendees. Topics included:

– Heal Naturally and Stay Well by cancer survivor Brenda Cobb;

– How to Get the Most Out of Magnesium, by naturopath Dr. Paul Hrkal;

– Help for Crohn’s, Colitis, and Candida by Amanda Burke, CNP;

– Top Five Killer Drugs: And How to Survive Them with Dr. Zoltan Rona;  and lots more.

During that weekend, both video and audio recordings were made of the lectures. If you would like to order a recording of any lecture, visit: Recordings can be streamed online or downloaded to your computer. Audio recordings are $4.99, video recordings are $9.99, and a complete set costs $199. For more information email: admin@webcastguru .com, or call the Expo hotline at: (416) 515-1330.

NEW BOOK EXPLAINS HOW TO CREATE A HEALTHIER BRAIN – The Healthy Brain, a new book by Aileen Burford-Mason, PhD, makes the compelling case that most people’s brains are underperforming because they are undernourished. As the most metabolically active organ of the body, the brain’s nutritional needs are 10 times higher than those of any other organ. That means the brain is the first organ to falter when it is improperly fed.

Well-respected for her ability to take complex nutritional research and translate it into clear, evidence-based guidelines for the safe, effective use of supplements, Professor Burford-Mason offers step-by-step guidance on how to implement dietary changes and select appropriate supplements for optimal brain power at any age. She makes liberal use of real-life case histories from her practice and summarizes leading-edge scientific research to support her advice.

The immediate payoff of adopting Dr. Burford-Mason’s strategies is a noticeable increase in brain vitality: better mood, focus, creativity, and workplace performance, and an improved capacity to enjoy life, sleep soundly, and cope well under stress. The long-term benefit is that these same dietary changes have shown the most promise in helping people avoid Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

The Healthy Brain argues that feeding the brain properly is a lifelong project, and that memory and cognition in later life depend on the care and feeding our brains receive throughout our entire lives.

As of December 19th, The Healthy Brain will be available wherever books are sold. For more information about the author, visit her site:


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