Brennan Healing Science Empowers Evolution of the Human Spirit

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It seems like only yesterday, but it’s been almost 20 years since I first walked into the healing room of a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner® as a client.

Today, after many years of training and personal therapy, I am one of nearly 35 Ontario practitioners within the larger international community of Brennan Healing Science® graduates.

What drew me to this healing modality was the clarity and grounding in science that Dr. Barbara Brennan brought to her explanation of the healing process in her book, Hands of Light. Reading this profound work on healing and personal growth, it felt like I had finally found someone who spoke the language my soul had been waiting for: three parts science, blended with two parts psychology, insight, and wisdom.

Many are initially drawn to this transformative healing work during a transition in our lives. We know that we can’t continue with business as usual, but are stuck in the same old gear. Perhaps things have come to a crashing halt after a relationship ended or after we received an unexpected diagnosis.

We may begin by following the conventional routes, but that doesn’t always bring full resolution because we need to find and heal those deep inner hurts instead of soldiering on with life (as we’ve been taught to do).

It is often not until we face such a crisis that we are compelled to examine our thoughts and belief systems – freeing our potential to live fuller lives.

We all have a secret (sacred) longing to be truly seen and heard. We long to feel fulfilled in our lives, to shift from merely surviving  to thriving. This need unites us as human beings and crosses all cultures and religions, dissolving the barriers that humans erect between themselves and others. Brennan Healing Science is one of the paths of healing and personal growth work that assists people in gently exploring their inner worlds to create profound and lasting change.

What is Brennan Healing Science (BHS)?

Brennan Healing Science distinguishes itself through the use of High Sense Perception (HSP) to read the client’s energy field, followed by balancing and clearing the human energy field and chakras. Deeper and more complex healing techniques may then be used to repair or restructure the energetic field of malfunctioning chakras and organs, or to clear past life influences.

Those of us who train at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing® go through a rigorous four-year training program that includes: personal therapy, training in anatomy and physiology, hands-on healing techniques, High Sense Perception, meditation, ethics, psycho-spiritual work, and professional practice development.

We deeply believe that before working on others to help them heal themselves, we must first commit to the process and practice of healing ourselves.

Brennan Healing Science works with the body’s seven main chakras (energy centres) and with the seven levels of the human energy field or aura, which exists at frequencies that are more subtle than those of the physical body. From the perspective of energy medicine, disease shows itself first as an imbalance or disruption in the flow of energy in the higher levels of the field. If the imbalance persists, it will continue to impair the functioning of the lower levels, eventually disrupting the tissues and organs of the physical body. At this stage, the disruption is dense enough to become visible on x-rays and medical tests.

BHS and High Sense Perception (HSP)

While most of us are used to working with the five physical senses of touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight, it has become natural for many to take the next evolutionary step toward accepting intuition as our “sixth sense.” During my first year of training I learned that there are actually closer to fourteen senses! HSP includes, but is not limited to: clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and claircognizance. This training in High Sense Perception allows BHS practitioners to read the fields of their clients.

Taking this next step – looking deeper than the physical symptoms – provides greater insight into each individual’s reality on the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels. It often reveals the limiting belief systems that have contributed to a client making lifestyle choices that may have resulted in his or her current disease process. When limiting beliefs are replaced with beliefs that support health and well-being, all other forms of treatment that a client may receive are enhanced as well. Brennan Healing Science is meant to augment, not replace, standard medical care.

What to Expect in a BHS Session

Brennan Healing Science graduates come to this work from a variety of professional backgrounds, and may either integrate the work into their current profession or establish full-time practices as Brennan Healing Science practitioners.

While all graduates are trained in the same group of healing science skills, each BHS practitioner brings to their professional practice their own unique way of expressing these skills. Therefore, it is important to speak to the practitioner before your first session to establish a comfort level and to confirm that he or she is the best person to support the goals and issues that you wish to explore.

During the initial session, you will meet your BHS practitioner and fill out an intake form to outline your health history and the major stressors in your life. As you clarify your goals and intentions, your practitioner will be able to determine the best way to support your healing process.

The BHS practitioner will review your goals and as you discuss your history and intentions, will begin to read your field to get a sense of where the energy is moving well in your life and whether you hold a belief system that is impairing energy flow. It may simply show up in the energy field as congested energy, or reveal itself as a distortion that leads the practitioner to see that deeper energetic repair work is needed.

While you relax fully clothed on the healing table, your practitioner will continue the assessment of your chakras and field to establish where your system is blocked or depleted.

The goal of the first session is usually to clear and balance the energy field and chakras and to see how your system accepts and processes the energy it receives. With each subsequent session, the work deepens in trust and safety, revealing the next piece of the process for healing support, always respecting each client’s timing and level of readiness.

The BHS practitioner begins by grounding and aligning his or her energy field and chakras before connecting with yours. This opens his or her system to receive and channel energy, not directing the energy, but presenting it to your field in a way that allows the wisdom of your body to take the energy to where it’s needed most.

While working with your energy field, the  practitioner’s hands will at times rest on your physical body and at times will work above it in the energy field that surrounds you. The practitioner will continue with a process referred to as chelation, which balances your energy field and chakras, moving from a position at your feet, progressing along the joints of the legs, and later resting on or above each of the main chakras. This process brings about a deep state of relaxation.

When the session is complete, you will be invited to rest on the healing table for a few minutes to integrate the session. After, your practitioner will discuss any pertinent information that came up during the session, along with how you can best support the healing work.

The BHS practitioner may also recommend a frequency of sessions based on your current situation and goals. Clients who come to explore their personal growth or to help with stress management often find this form of healing energy work indispensable and may establish an ongoing schedule. Other clients may come for a shorter length of time to experience specific healing techniques.

Brennan Healing Science can help you:
– Address the root causes of disease on a mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical level;
– Resolve depression and anxiety through recovering and expressing buried emotions;
– Uncover and clear childhood issues that may block creativity and prevent you from fulfilling your potential (and can be complicit in fertility issues);
– Experience deep relaxation and renewal to help lessen the impact of stress;
– Learn how to become more grounded and create healthy boundaries;
– Increase self-esteem (vs performance esteem).

Dr. Barbara Brennan was a research physicist with NASA before becoming a world-renowned pioneer and innovator in the field of energy and human consciousness. In 1982, she founded the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (BBSH), a specialized college for the study of hands-on energy healing and personal transformation. Now located in Florida with a second campus in Bad Ischl, Austria, this highly respected school offers a 4-year training program leading to either a Diploma in Brennan Healing Science or a further pathway that leads to a Bachelor of Science Degree in healing science. Over the past two and a half decades, BBSH has been dedicated to the evolution of the human spirit through education, research, and world service.


Deborah partners with guidance, assisting empathic women, creatives and 'sensitives' to reclaim and live from their authentic soul-centred self; where their core essence – shines. Her approach to Energy Healing embraces spirituality and personal growth as both a science and art of living in alignment with Universal Law. Deborah brings a rich tradition of combining, perceptual abilities, creativity, compassion, humour and academic training to her private practice of over 25 years. She is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing [1998] & Ontario College of Art, completing a BSc in Healing Science & studied Fine Art, English & Sociology at UWO. Deborah Ann McCrea is also the originator of The Body Breathing Meditation™ and The Core Identity Shift™ Method. You can email Deborah at

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