Book Review: What Your Birthday Reveals About Your Sex Life: Your Key to the Sex Life You Were Born to Have

Author: Phyllis Vega
Publisher: Adams Media
Book Publication: 2011

Born on August 8? You’re a Leo, a powerhouse of sexual energy. You love being in control in the bedroom. How about October 28? You’re a Scorpio, and nearly impossible to please. But long-lasting romps will be good for getting out your aggression. A spring baby? Your lover better learn how to flex his or her fingers. If you’re an April Aries, then long soaks and massages are what turn you on.

Indeed, birthdays hold the secrets to the best sex you’ll ever have, according to this new book by astrologer and tarot reader Phyllis Vega. What Your Birthday Reveals about Your Sex Life is an erotic, lively and entertaining guide that draws on the predictive power of astrology and the ancient art of numerology to create revealing erotic profiles to inspire readers in between the sheets.

Vega, a veteran Miami-based new-age counsellor who has published several books on the erotic aspects of astrology and tarot, goes all out in this little brick of sexy prose. For each day of the calendar year, Vega provides three insights: What Makes You Tick, Between the Sheets, and Tips for Your Ideal Lover.

“The ardent lover who exudes an air of mystery and a hint of danger has the edge with you,” reads the entry for those born on November 1st. “Smoldering kisses and caresses are your trademark, and slow sensuous teasing of your erogenous zones can stir up a frenzy of sexual excitement that leads to hours of passionate, ecstatic lovemaking.”

This book might be most useful for singles trying to evaluate a range of potential partners. Then again, readers might just find it reveals something new about themselves, or about a person they’ve slept with for years.

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