Book Review: THIMEROSAL – Let The Science Speak

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Author: Ed: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Preface: Dr. Mark Hyman, Intro: Dr. Martha R. Herbert
Publisher: Skyhorse
Book Publication: 2015

This book is a must-read for parents and doctors ready to go beyond the common assertion that questioning vaccines is unscientific. This book is, in fact, pro-vaccine.

The editor, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., is the son of the assassinated U.S. Attorney General, and nephew of assassinated President John F. Kennedy. Robert Jr. grew up to become one of the world’s most renowned environmental lawyers and activists. For thirty years now, he has “fought to make rigorous science the driver of public policy in the global warming arena, the tobacco wars, and in many battles with pesticides and chemical companies …. [which included] acid rain, ozone, coal ash, particulates, PCBs, lead, mercury …. the subject of the hundreds of cases I’ve argued against polluters and their crooked scientists.” Time and again he met people who told him their children became brain damaged following vaccination, especially with the Measles-Mumps-Rubella shots. At first he dismissed this as absurd; his own six kids are vaccinated. But then facts came to his attention proving to him that vaccines are an environmental concern for humanity, just like the deadly pollution of rivers, soil, and air – and that children have a right to life without brain damage.

Much of the information reported by Kennedy is summarized in the lead article in this (February 2015) issue of Vitality magazine (see page 6). In addition to that, Kennedy reported being profoundly disturbed by the fact that, after congressional action resulted in 2005 in the removal of thimerosal preservatives from most vaccines, it was the vaccine industry which “pleaded with the [government regulatory authority] CDC to allow it to switch to nontoxic alternatives in the remaining thimerosal-preserved vaccines [e.g. flu and tetanus shots as well as 169 other consumer products]. The CDC’s refusal to allow the transition is baffling to this day. I assembled this book to make that task easier for the agency, and to dissuade the press from accepting the tired claim that anyone who questions thimerosal safety is anti-science and anti-vaccine.”

Kennedy “assembled a crack team of respected scientific researchers to review the voluminous literature related to thimerosal” – the mercury-based preservative in most vaccines from the 1940’s until 2005 and still present in the ‘flu shots (given routinely to many pregnant women, resulting in toxic overload for the fetus). This immense research effort resulted in hundreds of articles showing that this stuff is unsafe for living things at any dilution. There is total consensus on the toxicity of thimerosal and its neurotoxicity to growing brains. And as fellow-editor Dr. Mark Hyman observes, “There is also no debate about the dramatic increase in prevalence of neurodevelopmental disorders over the last few decades, including learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, and autism.”

Co-editor, Professor Martha Herbert, child psychiatrist and developmental neuroscience researcher at Harvard Medical School, is also an expert on the damage inflicted on unborn children through the annual ‘flu vaccine. “We are at last entering an epoch of error correction,” Dr. Herbert states, and on all fronts of the outer environment and the internal growth and maintenance processes of living things. “It appears that our world is finally grasping our pileup of a huge number of errors” accumulated in the deluded pursuit of progress, she says. In fact, Dr. Herbert’s masterly explanation of how these toxins ruin nature’s developmental programs is unique because she brings it all together in a way that I have never seen it done before.

In Thimerosal – Let the Science Speak, the editors and authors unite around one central question: “Would you expose the unborn child, or the infant of a loved one, to a vaccine containing mercury, a known neurotoxin, if there were a safer alternative?”

Dr. Herbert asks: “What is an error?” and answers, “It is a mismatch between our predictions and the outcomes … [which] looks like a success when viewed through a narrow lens, but whose disruptive additional effects become apparent when we zoom in.” So the big picture today is a dramatic reduction in the deadly childhood diseases of the past centuries; but when we zoom in we see overwhelming numbers of brain damaged children instead, and we know that our disregard for the neurotoxicity of preservatives and additives are the cause of this brain damage.

Dr. Herbert states that U.S. Environmental Protection Agency research has proven that today one in six children in the U.S. carries mercury levels high enough to be at risk for learning disabilities, motor skill impairments, and short-term memory loss. The main source? Thimerosal in the ‘flu vaccines given to pregnant women as well as subsequent exposure to more mercury, aluminum, and other known neurotoxins through food, vinyl flooring, and more.

Anybody who chooses to avoid this neurotoxic assault on the brains and nervous systems of their children must read this book. Give it to your doctor, ask your local library to order it, make your MPs and MPPs aware of it, and demand the introduction of bills that stop this poisoning. And, refuse to get the influenza vaccine until it is cleaned up too. Such a radical approach is supported by science, and by medical watchdogs like the famed Cochrane Collaboration, which dismissed the ‘flu vaccine as harmful, as well as ineffective, in their recent reports (see appendix to the lead article, ‘The Illusion of Vaccine Safety’, on Vitality’s website:

Horrendous mistakes make strange bedfellows because now we are even supported by the vaccine industry itself, which is at war with the regulatory authorities, right alongside us.

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