Book Review: Messages From Your Soul – Conversations with DZAR Book 1

Author: Mary and Gary O’Brien
Publisher: DZAR
Book Publication: 2011

Messages From Your Soul – Conversations with DZAR Book 1 by Mary and Gary O’Brien is a beautiful example of the soul connection we all seek. It reminds us that we are here to experience joy and compassion, something we tend to overlook whilst ‘living our serious lives.’ This book is an easy and compelling read; a daily companion, really. And as is often the case, teachings come to us when we need them most, and right now, humanity is indeed in need of compassion.

It is impossible to read this book and not feel a compassionate connection to humanity and All That Is. It’s that tiny familiar voice within that we all hear, but often ignore.  Messages From Your Soulprovides an easy and humorous look at who we think we are and how we live our lives, and shows us that there is an easier way to experience joy and connection in each moment.

You will quickly develop a fondness for the group of energies called DZAR, and there’s no mistaking the joy of their message – they impart it with such humour, it is impossible not to feel uplifted throughout. They remind us to experience our lives with a smile in our hearts.

No one can deny the twists and turns life constantly offers, but it seems that what we do deny ourselves is the understanding of the absolute perfection within those twists and turns. This book helps us recognize and appreciate the messages from the journeys of our souls.

Gary O’Brien channels the group named DZAR – and their message is simple. Live compassion and joy – remember who you are. The book includes the Meditation of Connection, as well as easy daily practices, so effective that whenever I’m in the middle of daily modern life (usually stressed), I reach for my book and find something that helps me exhale and feel more connected. There are also a number of free meditation downloads from their website ( – my favourite is the Meditation of Compassion.

Open Messages From Your Soul at any page and you will find an absolute gem staring you right in the face. Read it from cover to cover and carry out the daily practices, and your journey will become lighter and brighter.

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