Book Review: Beat Sugar Addiction Now!

Author: Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D.
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
Book Publication: 2010

The average person now consumes about 140 pounds of added sugar in their diet, thanks to food processing. The food marketplace is saturated with packaged foods, refined white flour, and 500 different types of energy drinks. It’s no wonder we are a nation addicted to sugar. Everybody knows excess sugar in the diet can lead to obesity, but not all realize the connection between sugar and fibromyalgia, or sugar and irritable bowel syndrome.

It may even seem as though humans were never meant meant to eat sugar. But how our species consumes sweets has drastically changed over the centuries. “For thousands of years, humans ate sugar found naturally in their food. Sugar was not a problem. But now more than one-third of the calories we consume come from sugar and white flour added during food processing. Our bodies simply were not designed to handle this massive load.” In Beat Sugar Addiciton Now!, Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. and expert on the relationship between sugar and chronic illness, together with Chrystle Fielder, show readers a path to sugar enlightenment.

This is one tough addiction to break. These sweet granules are nearly ubiquitous in our foods, and most often people do not give sugar content a second thought. Teitelbaum says the way we now consume food is creating what he calls “the makings of a ‘perfect storm’ of medical problems.” Because this sugar habit has such a strong hold on its victims, the book offers us addicts much incentive to quit the junk before even getting into the thick of the material. Teitelbaum lists successful cases where some of his sickest patients became healthy through their journey of kicking the sugar habit. He also offers us a way out of the tunnel, by giving us “an organized approach” to beating the addiction.

This book is divided into four classifications of sugar addicts: Type 1 addicts are always exhausted and reach for the quick pick-me-up, such as coffee or high-energy drinks, to keep them going. The Type 2 addict is accurately named, “Feed Me Now or I’ll Kill You.” I can attest to this category, as I am a self-confessed sugar junkie. He hit the nail on the head with this one. And I owe the author thanks, as I never would have otherwise thought that my over-worked adrenal glands are connected to my overbearing need to consume sugar at any point of the day.

The Type 3 addict suffers from candida or yeast overgrowth, and most often it is the overgrowth that craves the sugar, not your stomach. Lastly is the hormone culprit. Type 4 addicts suffer from sugar and carb cravings when going through PMS, menopause or andropause. Often these intense cravings are brought on by something stronger: a hormonal imbalance.

In the book, each category of addiction opens with a quiz to help identify which type of addict you are. It is common to fall under more than one category (like myself, who falls under all four). From there, this book can be used like a workbook. Teitelbaum suggests reading just the sections that relate to your personal case, and following type-specific tips for being addiction-free, found in the second section of the book, “Part II: The Solution.” This section is also divided into the same four addiction types, with corresponding treatments. For example, recommended treatment for Type 1 addicts is to follow the SHINE Protocol approach. Briefly, this acronym stands for: Sleep; Hormonal Support; Infections; Nutritional Support; Exercises. Each header has a more in-depth description and treatment path to follow.

Treatment Plans are also given for various ailments, such as hypothyroidism, heart disease, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia, sinusitis and more. Learn the symptoms, role of diet, supplements and other factors to getting your health back on track when suffering from these conditions.

It’s funny how little we associate our health status with the amount of sugar we consume. Beat Sugar Addiction Now! positions this major health concern in a different light. Through a more holistic and natural approach, Teitelbaum is able to show the common reader the extent to which sugar can inhibit and alter our health. Muscle conditions, headaches and more can all be linked back to sugar, and these are the less severe ailments. It is no longer possible to claim naivety when talking about sugar in relation to diabetes and cancer.

This book is a must-have for any addict. The thought of cutting back on your sugar intake is a daunting one, but Beat Sugar Addiction Now! helps you to understand the cause and effect relationship your mind and body have with sugar, and gets you excited for the cleaner road ahead. It is possible.

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