Book Reviews: October 2010


A Clinical Trial

Author: Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, MD
Publisher: New Spring Press
Book Publication: 2010

As the keynote speaker at Whole Life Expo 2010, immunologist Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez will conduct a workshop on his renowned cancer therapy, entitled: “Alternative Medicine Takes on Cancer – And Wins.” Over the past decade, this cancer therapy appears to have so enraged the medical establishment, the pharmaceutical industry, and the regulatory… Read more »

Roll Around Heaven

Roll Around Heaven

Author: Jessica Maxwell
Publisher: Atria Books
Book Publication: 2009

Roll Around Heaven is Jessica Maxwell’s personal tale of the unpredictable path to spiritual enlightenment. Maxwell, an adventure writer by trade, finds herself immersed in an increasingly spiritual world, initially against her own will, after she sees a vision of her recently deceased father’s face in the sky. This is the first spiritually… Read more »

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