Book Reviews – November 2014

HOW TO ATTRACT GOOD LUCK: And Make the Most of it in Daily Life

How to Attract Good Luck: And Make the Most of it in Daily Life

Author: A.H.Z. Carr
Publisher: Tarcher/Penguin
Publish Date: 2014

Forget the horseshoes, talismans, and four leaf clovers. How to Attract Good Luck: And Make the Most of it in Your Daily Life by A.H.Z. Carr could prove to be your winning ticket to finding good fortune. If you’re a fan of those timeless, inspirational classics like The Game of Life, or How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn, or Think and Grow… Read more »


Eat Move Sleep

Author: Tom Rath
Publisher: Missionday Publisher
Publish Date: 2013

What do you do if you’ve just received a devastating diagnosis of a rare genetic condition that leads to cancerous growths throughout your body? If you are writer and avid researcher Tom Rath (Gallup senior scientist and prolific business author, Strength-Based Leadership, Strengthfinder 2.0) you search for answers in medical journals, scientific… Read more »


Travelling Together

Author: Charlotte Fielden
Publisher: Volumes
Publish Date: April 2013

We received the following letter from one of our loyal readers and we wanted to share it, and the news of her latest release:

Greetings Julia. Kudos for your latest edition of Vitality magazine.

Today I’m sending out one of my latest books, Travelling Together, for…Read more »

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