Book Reviews – February 2014

BUDDHA’S BOOK OF STRESS REDUCTION ~ Finding Serenity and Peace with Mindfulness Meditation

Buddha’s Book of Stress Reduction: Finding Serenity and Peace with Mindfulness Meditation

Author: Joseph Emet
Publisher: Tarcher/Penguin
Publish Date: 2013

Stress is a part of life, and cannot be avoided. What has become clear, however, is that in order to avoid some of its negative effects (anxiety disorders, depression and addiction), we must learn to better manage our stress. Crucial to this is the ability to recognize the difference between what we can and can’t control.

One method that has… Read more »


Healing Diabetes: The Gerson Way

Author: Charlotte Gerson
Publisher: Gerson Health Media
Publish Date: 2013


“Diabetes is the 6th largest disease killer in the U.S. and people should know there is an all-natural solution that will really help them,” said Charlotte Gerson, author and 50-year champion of the Gerson Therapy. “The rate of Type 2 diabetes is exploding in the United States and it is especially prevalent among the poor, African… Read more »


The Start Here Diet

Author: Tosca Reno (with Billie Fitzpatrick)
Publisher: Appetite by Random house of Canada
Publish Date: 2013

Tosca Reno, co-author with Billie Fitzpatrick of The Start Here Diet, is not the first writer to tackle the issue of weight loss. Given the steadily increasing number of North Americans dealing with this challenge, from those struggling with the extra ten pounds gained over the holidays to the more serious cases of obesity, she is not likely to be… Read more »

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