Book Reviews – April 2011

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Galloway’s 5K/10K Running

Galloway’s 5K/10K Running

Author: Jeff Galloway
Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Sport
Book Publication: 2007

Running seems like a fairly straightforward activity, but in order to get the most out of pre-race training, there is a great deal of information to process before reaching the starting line of a 5K or 10K race.

I plan to run my first 5K race this spring, and have thus been in search of the perfect training guide. I want to know how often I should… Read more »

The Pilates Bible

The Pilates Bible

Authors: Lynne Robinson, Lisa Bradshaw, Nathan Gardner
Publisher: Firefly Books
Book Publication: 2010

As a fitness instructor, I am always on the lookout for current and comprehensive information about exercise methods. I was quite excited, then, to receive a copy of The Pilates Bible, the latest work from Pilates guru Lynne Robinson (in collaboration with fellow Body Control Pilates teachers and trainers, Lisa Bradshaw and Nathan Gardner)… Read more »

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