Book Reviews – September 2014


The Healing Power of Fever

Author: Christopher Vasey, N.D.
Publisher: Healing Arts Press
Publish Date: 2012

In The Healing Power of Fever – Your Body’s Natural Defense Against Disease, author and naturopath Christopher Vasey lays out, in easy to understand language and a compelling manner, the full meaning of this intriguing concept. He explains what a fever is – and is not. Simply put, a fever is the sign of a fully functioning and healthy immune… Read more »

The Turquoise Ripple: Life Changing Journeys in ‘Unified Consciousness’

Author: Esra Ustar Oguz
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publish Date: 2013

The Turquoise Ripple is Esra Ustar Oguz’s honest, open and captivating account of how she transformed her life from the inside out. In this telling, she shares the techniques she used “in the hopes that others can also change and transform in any way they want.”

Oguz began her professional life in finance, spending 19 years working as an… Read more »

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