Book Reviews – June 2010

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The Mindful Investor

The Mindful Investor

Author: Maria Gonzales and Graham Byron
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Canada Ltd.
Book Publication: 2010

Are you ready to start investing in the stock market, buy a new home, or decide if you can take a much-needed holiday? Read this book first. The Mindful Investor: How a Calm Mind Can Bring You Inner Peace and Financial Security artfully shows us that nothing can be more compatible than the practice of mindfulness as it relates to the handling of… Read more »

The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process

The Revolutionary Trauma Release Process

Author: David Berceli, PhD
Publisher: Namaste Publishing
Book Publication: 2008

Traumatized people feel fear, pain, isolation, helplessness, and depression. Unfortunately trauma, in some form or other, is an inevitable part of life. However, trauma specialist, David Berceli, believes its effects need not be a “life sentence.”

Working around the world providing trauma relief and recovery programs, Berceli has discovered… Read more »

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