Book Reviews – February 2013

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Preserving Wild Foods

Preserving Wild Foods

Author: Matthew Weingarten and Raquel Pelzel
Publisher: Storey Publishing
Publish Date: 2012

In October 2012, there was a news story about Americans wasting 40 percent of their food due in part to spoilage. The numbers are likely similar for Canadians. With this in mind, how much spoiled food do you toss in the green bin every day? If you could preserve your food yourself would you buy and discard less?

Then there’s the issue of living in… Read more »

Rodney Yee’s AM & PM Yoga for Beginners (DVD)

Rodney Yee’s AM & PM Yoga for Beginners (DVD)

Author: Rodney Yee
Publisher: GAIAM Inc.
Publish Date:2012

It is not unusual for many of us to wake up stiff and groggy after spending the night worrying and full of tension. Thankfully, adding gentle yoga moves to your morning and evening routines has proven to provide relief. The best way to begin any yoga practice is with a knowledgeable and inspiring teacher. When that isn’t possible, a good… Read more »

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