Book Review: Nine Realities of Caring For An Elderly Parent

Nine Realities of Caring For An Elderly Parent: A Love Story of a Different Kind

Author: Stefania Shaffer
Publisher: Pressman Books
Book Publication: 2014

Have you considered how you’ll care for your parents as they approach the end of their lives? Author Stefania Shaffer recounts her experiences caring for her elderly mother in her book, 9 Realities of Caring for an Elderly Parent: A Love Story of a Different Kind.

A poignant memoir that is alternately gripping, laugh-out-loud funny, and heart-wrenchingly tender, 9 Realities serves as a roadmap for adults facing the daunting role of caring for their own parents. Divided into three parts that focus respectively on the early stages – how to maintain a safe home, organize financials, and de-clutter; managing the unavoidable decline and funeral/estate planning; and finally, how to survive the intractable grief. Every day, 43.5 million American adults serve as caregivers for a close friend or family member over the age of 50 who suffers from a variety of conditions. This book will speak to every one of those caregivers on a personal level, as well as to the millions of others who will become caregivers down the road.

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