Featured Book: The Confident Food Shopper

Author: Thalia Charney
Publisher: The Classroom Doc
Book Publication: July 2016


According to Thalia Charney, Canadians are so confused and overwhelmed by food labels that even the “health conscious” types are unknowingly putting themselves at risk for cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease and more. Her book, The Confident Food Shopper: The Guide to Food Labels and Fables, addresses these issues and more.

Consumers have been completely misled by the food industry, she believes. They have been educated by half-truths, manipulated through loopholes, and reassured with shady science.

The Confident Food Shopper addresses some pressing issues as: which food ingredients may be putting us at risk for cancer, heart disease, diabetes or hyperactivity? Are organic products worth the money paid? Is Health Canada able to regulate the food industry? Are our standards of safety reasonable? What are the hidden ingredients we need to know about? Are GMOs really dangerous?

This reference book will help consumers to:

  • pick healthier products and avoid those contributing to chronic disease;
  • red-flag ingredients that are of questionable safety;
  • become savvy about health claims and certifications on packages;
  • avoid or limit potentially harmful substances like heavy metals, packaging, and processing agents;
  • make value driven purchases around animal welfare, fair-trade, sustainable seafood and more.

Buy The Confident Food Shopper: The Guide to Food Labels and Fables.

Thalia Charney is an educator and speaker. She is no longer an active naturopathic doctor.

For more information about The Confident Food Shopper visit Thalia’s website, The Classroom Doc, email info@theclassroomdoc.com or call (416) 642-0727.

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