Book Feature: Dharma for Awakening and Social Change

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Author: Maetreyii Ma Nolan, Ph.D.
Publisher: Ananda Gurukula Publishing
Published: September 2019

Press Release

Imagine living in a world in balance, where all beings are in harmony. What if fulfilling your life purpose could help create this? What if living your Dharma could not only help you express your deepest truth but also help restore the natural harmony to our planet?

This is what Dharma for Awakening and Social Change is all about. This book will allow you to:

  • Explore an expanded understanding of dharma
  • Discover deep insights into spiritual awakening
  • Understand the core issues facing the planet today, and how the application of your spiritual values can effect social change.

If you wish to live your life in alignment with your spiritual values, fulfill your soul’s purpose, and live a life in harmony with Dharma and all beings, then Dharma for Awakening and Social Change is the book for you.

About the Author: Through her personal realizations, insights and intuitions, as well as her knowledge of ancient Eastern teachings, Maetreyii Ma Nolan brings forward a very profound wisdom and shares it in her books. A student of both, the numinous and psychology, Dr. Nolan is a teacher of ancient Yogic wisdom and a licensed psychologist in private practice. She lives with her husband at their ashram community in the larger San Francisco Bay area.

“In these times of dramatic change, the voice of Maetreyii Ma Nolan is … powerful…Her book is a valuable contribution… Her work takes a further step and shows how the principles behind the mind-body union can be used to guide collaborative efforts to heal the human community and the physical world we all share. ★★★★★                     Dr. Linda Howe, Author, Teacher & Spiritual Pioneer of the Akashic Records

“…an eye-opening philosophy about personal evolution and balance… could potentially help to change our perception of the world and its modern problems… an essential read…”                           Self Publishing Review

“Powerful…Brilliant application of Dharma…showing the way for personal and collective awakening.” Ananda Deviika Ma, Acharya

Available as an Ebook, Paperback, and Audio Book through Amazon, bookstores and Ingram Sparks, Barns & Noble, Walmart eBooks, Apple Books, Google Play Abebooks and Audible.

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