Centered: 202 Poems and Affirmations for Peace, Clarity, and Gratitude

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Author: Nicola Carroll
Publisher: Nicola Carroll
Book Publication: October 2020

Feeling overwhelmed and out of balance? Looking for a way to move forward in your life from a position of calm and purpose? Centered will connect you with your peaceful core, a space where you can put your thoughts and feelings into perspective, enabling you to move forward with greater confidence and direction.

Centered is a collection of 202 poetic reflections, affirmations, and gratitudes, which will enrich your every day and allow you to gain:
– new perspectives on your challenges
– greater gratitude for every day
– a path forward with increased clarity and peace

When you’re seeking comfort, perspective, and a more intentional and fulfilling life, use the insightful words and rich images in Centered as self-talk, as prayer, as part of a daily practice, or as a source to return to in times of need.

Here’s a sample from the book:

Miracles Abound

Sometimes the monotony of daily life
clouds our vision
and we resign ourselves to the belief
that we are stuck and alone.

Let the stars up in the night sky
remind me that
I am not alone and
in this powerful and uncharted universe
miracles happen every day.


I look to the universe and accept there is more to life than I can ever know.
Thank you for the daily miracles of our existence.

The miraculous is accessible almost any time — whether it is the universe, the natural world, human history, or the intricacies of our bodies. Explore the miraculous from time to time as a reminder that so much is unseen, unknown, and very possible.

Photo of Nicola Carroll by Warren Brown

About the Author:

Nicola’s many creative interests have organically combined to create Centered. Through her writing, photos, and art she endeavours to capture and create reminders of the beauty and the blessings all around. She lives with her family in Toronto.

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