Book Feature: Awaken To Your Truth – The Time Is Now

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Author: Joanna Alexopoulos
Publisher: Freisen Press
Publication: April 2020

Press Release

THIS IS NOT AN ORDINARY BOOK. Awaken To Your Truth is gifted by a Higher Intelligence, delivered at a time when humanity most needs support and direction. It is a highly inspirational, thought-provoking read that is sure to assist you in your process of inner growth. Our world is undeniably restructuring and this is the time to shine your light, and embrace and contribute your gifts, talents and abilities.

Simply written in a narrative form, Awaken To Your Truth acts as a guide towards the realization of the divine self and the power that this brings. This book is for all believers and non-believers, of all faiths, cultures, and backgrounds. Awaken brings clarity and insight to a wide range of topics, both spiritual and physical, including Universal Intelligence, life and how it works, the life beyond, faith, free will and choice, divine connection and messages, soul purpose, empaths and lightworkers, the higher self, human behavior, corporate and political corruption, the environment, climate change, health and more.

Awaken To Your Truth is a must-read and is sure to inspire you to make the necessary changes that will lead you to thinking and behaving in a whole new way to create your best life!

This book shows you how to:

  • access and activate your soul power to create miracles
  • remove blockages and limitations to experience more fully and freely
  • experience what you really want and deserve — health, wealth, pure love and joy
  • live in peace and fulfill your life purpose

Masters speak directly to you in Awaken. The love, support and guidance you will receive will heal your heart and open your mind to endless possibility and opportunity, supporting you in embodying your highest truth and potentiality.

Masters affirm, “We come to you at this time because this is a time of new beginnings. We have been sent to you by Source to encourage, support, inspire and awaken you to the TRUTH of who you are, to assist you in your path of rediscovery in healing yourselves and your planet. We come with purity and love for all, to lead the way in your self-discovery. We are everywhere and with everyone.”

“The diction and fluidity of this book inspired me to read and glean positive messages of remaining mindful and trusting your own spiritual messages amidst the inevitable challenges of life. I highly recommend this important book to reinforce our trust in spirituality and human connectedness.” Missy V.

“Each of us is on our own life journey to which there is no owner’s manual: no guide to the right way to optimize your life potential. Joanna Alexopoulos outlines the knowledge of self quest that is instrumental in achieving a higher level of self. It is done with her help of spirit guides but is not religious and does not offend any religious beliefs. Joanna relates that she is guided through these spirits to help bring man to a higher level. The book is very timely with the events of our time. I feel that all can benefit from this book.” Dr. Colleen Patrick

“Joanna’s book reads like a “bible”… except that it’s more relevant, more timely, more loving, more hopeful. Thank you, Joanna, for allowing this book to be written through you, for this message of love and hope to lift us up. Thank you with all my heart.” Clair Carafo, Yoga Instructor

About the author:
Joanna is an empathic intuitive, divine light channeler/messenger, author, poet, spiritual mentor, reiki energy healer, teacher, speaker and columnist for A Beautiful Life Magazine. Her love and compassion for humanity merges with that of the Masters’ and is deeply felt in her book.

Joanna makes her home with her family in Toronto, Ontario, a large perennial garden, a Zen garden, and an extensive collection of nature and sky photography. HOPE is Joanna’s message. “We are infinite beings of love and light, the divine truth of All That Is … the power by which all is possible” ~ Joanna

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