Body of Wisdom

Author: Hilary Hart
Publisher: John Hunt Publishing
Book Publication: 2012


Feminism and mysticism come together in Body of Wisdom, Hilary Hart’s third book on women’s spiritual empowerment, which asks the tough questions: Why are women still giving their power away? What’s women’s unique contribution to global environmental destruction? Why do women increasingly trust botox over their own beauty?

In Body of Wisdom, Hart says, “Women’s spiritual power is the missing peace in a world out of balance,” and she identifies nine spiritual powers that have key roles in reversing global destruction and other critical social challenges. These powers are alive in women’s bodies and active in the natural processes of gestating a child, breastfeeding, and creating community. These include: Longing; Nourishing; Receiving; Purifying; The powers to create; Synchronizing with the earth; Building community; Knowing and expressing beauty; Recognizing life’s sacredness.

About the book, author Mirabai Starr writes: “At last, the ancient esoteric teachings are made available and accessible, our deepest shadow revealed to be our most radiant gift. This book is an act of peacemaking, a healing tincture for repairing the world.” Publishers Weekly praises the book, saying: “Students of mysticism and women seeking a more embodied spiritual practice will likely treasure it.

Hart works as a child advocate for the Court Appointed Special Advocates program of Youth Heartline, an agency serving child victims of abuse and neglect in Taos, NM. She sees a spiritual breakdown at the root of local and global child welfare issues. “There is a strong connection between how our community cares for its children and the lack of awareness about the true nature of women’s spiritual power,” she says. “When women step into their power, significant socio-political – as well as spiritual – changes will take place in our world.”

To write Body of Wisdom, Hart collected experiences and dreams of ordinary women as well as interviewed the world’s most visionary spiritual teachers, including West African shaman Sobonfu Somé, Aleut Elder Larry Merculieff, American shaman Sandra Ingerman, and Sufi teacher Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee.

Hilary Hart writes and teaches about women’s spiritual empowerment and its role in our collective evolution. She has extensive training in Sufism, Tibetan Buddhism and dream-work and is founder of Women’s Power Wheel, a network of women’s circles around the globe designed to help women  uncover, honor, and live their power.

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