Blending Science with Spirituality: The World Healing Project ~ Preserving Canada’s Arctic North

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Preservation of life is the responsibility of all human beings. The earth is a celestial body that generates the ecosystem needed to nourish all of its life forms. Life is not only a physical thing per se, but also a series of subtle energies superimposed one upon the other.

In an ideal world, all life exists in cohabitation with all species working together to help each other. No singular species has the right to destroy any other, or to confiscate important elements from the habitat which are there to preserve quality of life. With this in mind, it is time we address the growing concern about decisions made by leading nations to explore and pursue the extraction of natural resources from the pristine Arctic North.

Using intelligence and mechanical skill, humankind has reached a point where we are now able to extract from the environment those resources which are there to preserve the pattern of the planet’s magnetic field. Our lust for wealth is causing us to disrupt the planetary ecosystem to the point where we could make ourselves extinct.

To prevent this disaster, intelligent human beings have now begun pooling their resources. Dr. David Suzuki has been in the forefront of opposition to the degradation of the planet and impoverishment of the biosphere for the last 50 years. Given the measurable weakening of our earth’s magnetosphere, it is important that we throw our support behind him in order to join efforts and act quickly to prevent further destruction of our earth’s magnetic field.  This is the same field that acts as a shield to protect us from the sun’s solar winds and deadly radiation.


Acting On Sound Advice From Scientists

It is time for all citizens to join together with the “Dr. Suzuki’s” of the world to compel our politicians, industrialists, manufacturers, merchants, and religious leaders to implement radical changes so that we can write a new chapter for the changing Age of Humankind that will be known as “The Green Gospel.”  This means that the preservation and conservation of the planet’s biosphere must come first.

The earth is a primary “person” of our planetary system; therefore, all the rights and privileges that we arrogate to ourselves must first be given to her.

All life is equal before the Creator; all beings must live together to enhance our collective way of life. Anyone who destroys any link in the chain of life and expects to survive indefinitely is unwise.

The north and south poles are literally the magnetic centre of our earth. The materials located there are used by the earth to produce the magnetic flux that keeps us alive.

Dr. Suzuki and other concerned citizens are now rallying support for preserving our Arctic North and keeping it out of the hands of plundering corporations. There has never been a better time than now to give him our full support, because if the magnetic poles fail, we will become extinct.

Canada’s north is a part of the circumpolar land mass. Various international corporations are now preparing to probe for various wealth-enhancing elements, regardless of the fact that such dangerous resource extraction has brought environmental disaster and economic hardship to many societies.


Offshore drilling for oil, for example, has had a disastrous effect on marine life. Oil is our earth’s circulatory system; a liquid element that lubricates and moves energy throughout this planetary system. The same stands true of the metals of the Arctic, which serve to carry the magnetic field according to a very specific pattern.

Our earth was created in balance, with the right ratio of elements dispersed throughout the globe as required by design. The earth releases and stores her elements in a balanced way, too.

We humans think we are masters of the earth, yet all advanced thinkers of the earth now realize that humankind exists at the expense of the earth. Many previous and mighty life forms have come and gone due to living out of balance with earth’s resources, and now corporate greed is accelerating humankind’s trajectory on a path to self destruction.

What can people do? Modify what you consume and remember that our society only requires certain things in order to survive. The old maxim applies: “All things in moderation; no thing in excess.”

Why Spirituality and Science? Why Meditation?

The World Healing Project supports both science and spirituality for all people.

We humans are moral beings who know that we have a spiritual connection to a Divine or Universal consciousness. With our combined mental and spiritual intentions, we can begin to shift the patterns of destruction and plundering present in the world now, to more nurturing patterns of conservation, protection, and renewal.


The World Healing Project is asking well-intentioned human beings to turn the power of their minds and spirits towards repairing the damage that has been done to the planet.

Meditation, visualization, the power of prayer, thought transmission, and the ability of the collective mind of a group to affect external circumstances have all been well documented.

Medical science and clinical practice show that the power of the human mind can and does work wonders. Guided meditation and passionate thought, followed by action, can and will prevent the dark events predicted by the greatest minds of our age.

Science has outlined the problem and shown us some of the mechanical means by which we can try to solve it, but science cannot change us. Only we can change ourselves.

The World Healing Project is an opportunity for us to take our destiny into our own hands. Using our own thoughts and actions, we can now commence transforming the earth into the legendary beauty it once was.

Spirituality brings about change from the inside. No matter how many toys we have, they cannot make us good or happy. Only the spiritual morality which attunes us and harmonizes us with the greater universe can do that.  Spirituality, therefore, is the key to reversing the injury that we have been doing to ourselves, the earth, and other life forms for thousands of years.

Listen to your respected scientists now, and join us to find a solution!

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