Biomagnetism Clears Pathogens From the Body, Thus Healing Illnesses

Biomagnetism Clears Pathogens From the Body, Thus Healing Illnesses

Strong magnets are placed on the body for 20 to 25 minutes to treat most diseases.

The use of magnetism to treat various illnesses has become increasingly popular. Two Japanese researchers, Takahashi and Nagakawa, studied their effects on joint pain; and another team demonstrated the effectiveness of magnets on facial paralysis in St Michel Hospital of Paris. Countless others have spent time alleviating pain with magnets.

Possibly the most comprehensive studies undertaken in the field, however, are those developed by a Mexican doctor, Isaac Goiz Duran. He discovered and later developed what he called the biomagnetic pair in the late ’80s.

The treatment he discovered does not use expensive equipment; it is neither invasive nor painful. It is a simple, non-intrusive method in which magnets of at least 1,000 gauss potency are placed on various parts of the body. Closed shoes are needed for the diagnostic itself, which uses the principles of applied kinesiology, that is, the principle of intelligence of muscles discovered by Dr. George Goodheart in the ’60s. In this case, a magnetic field applied to a specific organ will have a visible effect on the extremities (usually the legs).

When magnets of a certain polarity and potency are applied to particular points of the human body, a hostile environment is created for viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. Pathogens are the main cause of diseases in the human body, including pathologies that conventional science does not relate to a microbial etiology like diabetes, arthritis, asthma, and others. When magnets are applied over diseased organs, their pH is modified, and conditions are changed in such a way that microbial elements cannot thrive, becoming therefore harmless.

Magnets increase blood circulation and can also relax and alleviate pain by increasing oxygenation. Typically, in magnetic therapy, magnets are placed in the area where there is pain or inflammation. By contrast, biomagnetism practitioners do not necessarily place the magnets where the symptoms appear. Dr. Goiz developed an accurate and scientific method that impacts the root cause of the disease. Magnets are systematically placed at the locations of microbiological infection responsible for the symptoms; these may be far apart from the organ or area presenting the pathology.

Biomagnetism also treats the harmful effects of viruses, something that conventional medicine has not yet mastered. This therapy neutralizes various viruses at their sources, that is, in their own environment.

A simple kinesiological test and a magnet suffice to verify the acidic state of an area, organ or tissue of the body in order to heal any pathology, according to Dr. Goiz. A magnet is placed on the right half of the body, and then it is moved along a pre-determined route map. When the magnet is placed over an organ whose pH is acidic, the right leg contracts from between 1 to 2 cm. A second magnet is then placed on the organ presenting its contrary, alkaline state, in order to neutralize their bio-resonance, thus bringing them into balance. There are no side effects, and the therapy is compatible with most types of medicine, except chemotherapy. Magnets should not be placed near battery powered devices, stents, or certain implants. A promising therapy.

Claudia Cabrera is a therapist in biomagnetism with seven years of experience in the field and practising in Toronto. She can be reached at (416) 750-0608 or visit her website,


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