Bentonite Clay Pulls Toxins Out of the Body

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Today everyone is exposed to synthetic, often toxic chemicals on an unprecedented scale. Industrial chemicals and their pollutants run-off in our water, pesticides, additives in our foods, heavy metals, anesthetics, residues from drugs, and environmental pollutants are all trapped within the human body in greater concentration. Every system of the body is affected, from tissue damage to sensory deterioration. This doesn’t include second-hand smoke, caffeine, and alcohol overload or daily stress, that are an increasing part of our lives. Any form of over-indulgence, be it New Year’s Eve parties, Thanksgiving, stag parties, or weekend getaways, will build up toxins in our bodies. As toxic matter saturates our tissues, antioxidants and minerals in vital body fluids are reduced and immune defenses are thrown out of balance.

A surplus of these toxic substances can encourage the formation of cellulite or fatty deposits and provoke an unhealthy complexion. It is therefore not surprising that from time to time, especially at the end of all seasons, we feel heavy, lethargic, and sluggish.

One of the best ways to remain healthy in a destructive environment is having a body cleanse. Almost everyone can benefit from a cleanse. Cleanse programs help to relieve common digestive disorders and chronic persistent symptoms, by promoting the elimination of accumulated toxins in the body.

Inno-Vite Bentonite, the hydrated liquid healing clay, has a long history of therapeutic use. It can be purchased on its own, or as part of our Yeast Buster™ kit. Within that kit, Caproil kills toxins, bacteria, viruses, and yeast. Bentonite acts as a silicate that absorbs (grabs onto) these pathogens, including die-off yeast, and carries it through the intestinal tract, allowing Psyllium’s absorptive activity and bulking action, to ensure that these wastes are then quickly eliminated from the body. Available as single units or as part of the Yeast Buster™ Kit.

Inno-Vite Bentonite Clay is available from fine health food stores including the Big Carrot Wholistic Dispensary (348 Danforth Ave, Toronto 416-466-8432). To find a location near you go to or call (905) 761-5121

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