Becoming a Modern Mystic

Our spiritual growth never stops but rather as we continue to evolve we become exposed to the higher and more refined energies of the Sacred Archetypes. The archetype that oversees this process is the Master Archetype. We need to be at a high level of spiritual development for this archetype to be downloaded to us and be completely dedicated to our spiritual path. If you are living life as a “Modern Mystic,” here are some of the attributes and experiences you can expect from the Master Archetype.


Anyone under the influence of this archetype has wrestled with their demons, knows them and is transforming them. The three important ones to master are money, sex and power — all issues of the lower chakras. Just recall the allegory of Christ in the desert for 40 days and being tempted by his demons. We will go through many tests and temptations, prostitute our souls, sell out and lose our integrity until we have mastered our demons. Addictions also fall into this category and learning moderation is the key.

We have been to hell and back internally on our many sojourns to the dark night of the soul. We are not afraid of our own darkness and are willing to transform or slay our dragons. As we gain more experience with the dark night, we realize that we can hold the energies of “heaven” and “hell” simultaneously within our psyche. It does not have to be an all or nothing experience. The Master has learned to survive many challenges, cataclysms and has weathered suffering in their life only to develop a stronger inner reserve.


A Master has great awareness and is conscious about the many parts of their psyche. They are not overtaken by any part but rather are very mindful about what sub-personality they are in, and what is playing out inside of them. If a drama is happening within or with others, they can go to their observer self and respond rather than being consumed by whatever is being triggered.

After a while, the sub-personalities become more integrated working as a team.  The Master may choose to spend a lot of time in the set of spiritual selves because of the higher source energies we experience from this group but will also know when it is time to be human and ordinary.

A Master has cleared a lot of outstanding karma in their lifetime and is conscious enough not to create more.  Because of the amount of karma they have cleared, we could never say they have lived a charmed life or they were born with a silver spoon.  But they have learned the art of inner peace and serenity.

They have great mental clarity; their minds are focused and can zoom in and out like the lens of a camera from minute detail to the bigger picture. They know the art of detachment yet come from a great deal of compassion.  Their usual state is one of appreciation and gratitude for the blessings in their life. They strive for harmony and beauty in their life but know how important it is to work through conflict in their relationships. They will not avoid conflict but will embrace it since they learn much about themselves from the experience and come back to a state of harmony.


The Master realizes that so much empowerment comes from choice and that happiness is really a choice we make in life. Gone are the days of victim consciousness and playing the blame game. They take full responsibility for their lives, the situations they attract to them and own their “stuff.” They are not willing to carry people but through example will teach others how to be responsible for themselves. Victim and martyr are not words in their vocabulary.


The Master takes full responsibility in the reality they create for themselves and does not attempt to will it from ego or fear. The art of manifesting is not a simple science since many levels of our being do the attracting and some parts are more conscious than other parts. If it were a simple act, we could all just will ourselves to win the lottery. Manifesting comes easily when what we want to attract is aligned to our source and higher purpose. For example, if we are meant to attract a romantic soul mate for our soul’s learning this will happen with no effort. If we are meant to go it alone for a while in order to grow spiritually then all the connections we make on Lava Life will not find us that special someone.

So often, too, it is our ego that defines what we want to manifest and many become addicted to prosperity workshops because “enough is never enough.” The Master knows how to manifest with ease because they are not coming from greed and are connected to source. Their intentions are crystal clear and come from a higher way of being. To become a multi-millionaire would not necessarily be the goal of a Master but to have ample abundance would be since the universe in naturally plentiful.


By the time one is able to be in the flow of the master archetype, they realize they are here to be of service for humankind and have a special mission or calling that helps to heal and evolve the planet. In that sense, they are partnered with God in what they co-create. It is a mutual, reciprocal, sacred contract. Since they are dedicating their life to be of service God will also serve them as well. A Master knows how to use minimum energy for maximum return in respect to manifesting. Their work impacts the planet on a larger scale as part of their apprenticeship in spiritual leadership. They do not have a motive for personal fame but do become known for their work. Remember that Buddha and Jesus never wanted to become famous or be celebrities.
Little miracles occur on a regular basis in the master’s life leaving them with a childlike sense of awe and wonder. The Divine Matrix speaks back quickly to the Master, whether it is through literal or symbolic messages, providing insight for right thought and right action. The answers are always there we just have to listen deeply and be connected.

Masters are always in daily spiritual practice so we would like to end with a few lines from the Masters’ Circle daily affirmation:

“I give thanks for the opportunity to serve humanity and I willingly accept the rewards being sent to me by an abundant universe. I am deeply grateful for all I create and receive.  My life is now in balance and I am a Master.”

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