Beauty in a Bottle

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Everything You Need in One Convenient Scoop!

Legend has it that the hot springs of Saturnia, Italy, acquired their therapeutic properties when Jupiter’s thunderbolt fell on their exact location during a battle against Saturn. As a result, health and beauty seekers from around the world flock to these hot springs and others like it every year, from the Dead Sea to the Scandinavian Spa at Blue Mountain here in Ontario.

But is there a simpler and easier way to access the fountain of youth other than bathing in ancient waters imbued with myth and legend? Well, there may be a way, and some believe it involves daily use of a product brimming with the benefits of a beauty elixir – Naka Professional’s Pro Beauty. In fact, this product has become one of the company’s top sellers due to its uniquely beneficial blend of beautifying ingredients.

Nowadays, you cannot walk through any department store or pharmacy without choking on the heavy scent of chemical-laden lotions and potions that promise to make and keep you beautiful. Thankfully, consumers are now catching on to the fact that many of these conventional ‘beauty products’ are loaded with chemicals that actually accelerate the aging of the skin, making one look older instead of younger! Not only do these chemicals produce a visible aging effect, but many of them are known carcinogens, xenoestrogens, or excitotoxins.

To avoid exposure to these toxic chemicals, which are poorly regulated by government authorities, consumers are now embracing the idea of nourishing ‘beauty from within’, a longstanding popular idea in Asian countries which is catching on now in the West.

Naka’s Pro Beauty is a formula that nourishes skin and hair from the inside out. The ingredient list includes:

  • a 4000 mg therapeutic dose of a top beauty protein known as marine collagen which works to replenish tired-looking, worn-out skin;
  • the well-known beauty vitamin, Biotin, in a full 5000 mcg dose, to replenish the hair, skin, and nails;
  • the beauty mineral Silicea, as well as vitamins C, E, betacarotene, L-cysteine, selenomethionine, MSM, bioactive B-complex, and zinc!

All of this high octane nutrition is contained in one scoop a day, which supplies all you need to support a fully holistic beauty regimen from the inside out.

Company Profile:

Because Naka Professional is dedicated to keeping the small, independent boutique retailer thriving, you can find Pro Beauty at independent boutique health food stores across Canada. By shopping at local, independent boutique health food stores, you will find unique products like Naka Professional that simply cannot be purchased in mass market stores such as Costco, Walmart, Loblaws, or Superstore. More info:, or call 1-800-668-0519.

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