Book Review: A Mind of Your Own

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The Truth About Depression and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies to Reclaim Their Lives

Authors: Kelly Brogan, MD with Kristin Loberg
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd;
Book Publication: 2016

For several years now, I have been inspired by the work of Dr. Kelly Brogan MD, a brilliant, passionate, and visionary advocate for women’s health, who is well poised to help revolutionize the way medicine is practiced today.

With a science degree from MIT, a medical degree from Cornell, and psychiatric clinical training from NYU, she has the “resume virtues” it takes to opine on the efficacy and the trajectory of health care. Via her clinical experience with patients and a personal postnatal thyroid health challenge, Dr. Brogan quickly became disillusioned with the conventional medical model, recognizing that it is no panacea.  She ultimately was inspired to put her prescription pad away, to study holistic medicine, and to empower women worldwide to heal themselves naturally.

I eagerly awaited the release of her book: A Mind of Your Own.  With the help of New York Times bestselling collaborator, Kristin Loberg, who specializes in transforming expert knowledge into reader-friendly writing for general audiences, this book is a must read for anyone directly or indirectly afflicted by mental health challenges.

When the book was finally released this spring, I voraciously devoured its contents, relishing every word and sharing its many morsels of wisdom with anyone who was receptive. A Mind of Your Own debunks the chemical imbalance theory of depression; highlights current science on its underlying cause; and offers a 30-day plan for self-healing.

It has always been human nature to seek substances that numb physical and emotional pain.  But only recently have we been persuaded that depression is a disease that chemical antidepressants can remedy. Fear-based marketing has created an epidemic of chronic mental health issues, leading people to believe that they are inherently broken and in need of medication for life.

As debilitating as depression can be, the book makes it clear that there is no credible evidence that this condition is a “disease” or a brain “chemical imbalance” for which antidepressants are the only remedy.  There is no scan, urine or blood test that conclusively indicates “we have depression.”  According to Dr. Brogan, psychiatry remains a “wastebasket” for conditions that lab tests can’t explain, leading doctors to assume it’s all in our head.

In this book we are invited to consider depression as a sign or symptom – the body crying out for help. Blood sugar, gut health, or thyroid function imbalances may be root causes that need to be addressed. The author unravels the detrimental effect of silent inflammation on body and mind. Dietary, lifestyle, and even socioeconomic determinants of health must be reassessed.

A 30-day action plan empowers readers with the knowledge to make more informed dietary and lifestyle choices.  Highlighted are lab tests which might shed some light on root cause, detoxification ideas to consider, foods and nutrients that heal, as well as benefits of adequate sleep, active daily living, reframing stress, and reconnecting with our inner guidance and divine purpose. Outsourcing our health care to medical professionals is obviously not our only option.

Our collective health is a reflection of the health of our environment.  The influence of a profit-driven, fear-based disease care system, is disempowering.  Fear is infectious, not progressive. Health is the only currency we can spend to achieve a higher quality of life. Invest a little more on self care.  Start by reading this book.  We are powerful beyond belief and no one can relegate us to patient for life.  We can indeed heal our bodies and reclaim our lives.

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