Interview with Weizhao Wu: Master Healer of Qi Gong

Qi gong Master Weizhao Wu, age 71, is a world renowned healer and qi gong master. He began his training as a young boy at the age of seven. Master Wu is knowledgeable in over 100 styles of soft and hard qi gong, tai chi and kung fu. People visit him from all parts of the world to receive his energy healing. In China, Master Wu headed teams of medical doctors researching the health benefits of medical qi gong undertaking clinical trials and case studies with thousands of people. He has obtained the highest qi gong official title in China. Master Wu has written many clinical dissertations on healing specific health problems with qi gong. He has accepted to be interviewed by Teresa Yeung, 9-year student of Master Wu in Toronto, to help explain the true nature of qi gong.

Teresa:  Many people in the world now are talking about the healing benefits of the Chinese qi gong.  So, what is qi gong?

Master Wu: Qi gong is an ancient Chinese art of balancing and strengthening one’s life force practised by millions in China for thousands of years. “qi” means life force energy and “gong” means “skill or work”. Qi gong is an internal self-healing exercise involving slow deep breathing, visualization and some simple movements.

If you have an illness, qi gong can help you to fight your disease and get well. If you have no sickness, qi gong can enhance the overall well being of your body by strengthening your immune system.

In ancient times, the days of the emperors, qi gong was used to serve the royal family. After 1949, qi gong was better mastered by the general public and has been used as a preventative and self-healing method.

Teresa: Can you let us know how qi gong is used in China now?

Master Wu: Qi gong is very popular in China and it is being taught in medical colleges/universities and research centers. Large hospitals have qi gong research departments conducting clinical research. The public can request qi gong healing treatments (external qi transmission) in large hospitals across China. You can easily see a hundred to over a thousand people practising qi gong. Practising qi gong is very common in the Chinese community all over the world.

Teresa: I understand that you are very experienced in using “energy transmissions” in healing all kinds of diseases. How would describe what you are doing during a qi gong healing session?

Master Wu:  A lot of people do not know why they become sick. They may have tried many ways to cure their health problems without success and approach me for help. I will try to discover why the person has that particular problem by investigating the corresponding meridians and channels to see where the energy is blocked.

I will also look for inflammation of the body and for areas that are swollen. For example, a person may tell me that he always has chest pain. In order to clear the chest pain, I collect universal qi and project qi to different areas of the body, improve the blood circulation and the chest pain will go away. The chest may not be the original cause of the problem. The pain may be reflected from another area of the body. Another example is, a person may have a back pain and the back pain may be originated from the knees.

My job is to collect a lot of universal qi and send it to the patient to unblock the negative energy or “sick qi” that is stuck in the source area. I am able to bring down a lot of pure and clear energy. If the negative qi leaves the person, they will feel better sometimes right away.

I encourage my students to learn and practice qi gong so that their bodies can benefit from long term healing.

Teresa: What kinds of health problems do people typically visit you for?  What are some common modern health problems that are easily helped using your qi gong methods?

Master Wu: Most of the health problems that modern people face come from a buildup of stress. This buildup can cause fatigue, anxiety, depression and many pain related problems, as well as inflammation of tissues and endocrine disorders. When we practice qi gong, we learn to relax and inhale a large amount of oxygen thus increasing blood circulation. This increased blood circulation helps heal many health problems. It also promotes healing of underlying or hidden conditions.

I’ve had success with stress, thyroid problems, digestive imbalances, constipation, migraines headaches, insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, depression and all kinds of pain like lower back pain, neck /shoulder/arm/leg pain, tendonitis, bone and joint problems, high/low blood pressure, eye diseases, bladder dysfunction, allergies, hormonal disorder, hot flashes, etc.

Teresa: Can children also practise qi gong too?

Master Wu: Children can practise qi gong too just like adults. My qi gong is easy to learn and practise and it is not boring at all. The Eye qi gong I created is most suitable for children to practise as it improves vision and wisdom. In China, I organized 4,000 persons to participate a qi gong scientific research for 3 years. The success rate of improving vision is over 90%. The educational authorities of Guangzhou Province even organized daily Eye Qi Gong practice in schools before daily physical sports activities. There were over 100,0000 young people practising my Eye qi gong at the time.  Many other diseases can be improved through daily qi gong practice too. Our vision nowadays are getting worse with the arising use of computers and the need to improve vision has never been as important.

Teresa: There are many massage therapists, reiki healers, acupuncturist, psychologists, and other professionals that want to know how to get better results from their healing methods. How can qi gong help them?

Master Wu: I have come in contact with a great number of healers. Often healers will come to my office for a healing session to remove the negative qi that has built up over time from their practice.

Their clients often feel better from the healing sessions but the healer cannot always process the negative energy fast enough. This creates a build up of negative qi in the healer. This is always a concern in the healing profession.

Qi gong can benefit healers and health care professionals by helping them build a strong protective shield of energy. This will help them defend against the negative qi coming from their clients.

Furthermore, after practising qi gong, many healers report improved results with their clients.

We cannot always change the way we make our living, but we can change the qi in our body so that we are stronger and can continue our healing profession with fewer problems.

Teresa: What role does your energy play for students that practise and study with you?

Master Wu:  Learning qi gong is not difficult but making the “qi” which heals our body needs special techniques. The students will greatly benefit if the Master will project his qi to them. It is like getting a message put into the body.  In the class, I project my qi to students many times and this will help the students to quickly develop their feeling of qi in their first class. My qi is like a seed. We have to nourish the seed by practising everyday. If we don‚t feed the seed with high quality energy, the sprout will die after time and never reach its full potential. Your qi gong practice is the water and sunlight that nourishes the seed to maturity. The quickest ay to build internal qi is to receive external qi from a master.

Teresa: How can students living in Toronto study with you and receive qi gong healing sessions from you?

Master Wu: We are based in Thornhill with regular classes and private healing sessions. However, this fall, I will travel to different locations to hold some one-day medical qi gong healing workshops in Mississauga and downtown Toronto. You will learn a health and fitness qi gong style which is very simple, easy to learn and effective. It gives you lots of good energy and the daily practice can become your healing pleasure. I will explain to you theory and the purpose of each movement. You will also learn how to heal your own body. There will be a free handout to be given you.

I will project lots of qi to every student in the class many times to help everyone open blockages in the body. The students will learn how to project qi to their body so that they can continue the healing at home.

We will also be available for a limited number of private healing sessions.

Teresa: Master Wu, I would like to thank you for all you have given me, my family and students. I am always amazed at how your qi gong art has helped others regain, maintain and enhance their health. We are forever grateful to be able to learn this marvelous art of healing.


Call the Wu’s Qi Gong & Tai Chi Fitness Centre at (905) 707-6558 or (416) 618-1679 at Total Health Centre, 7368 Yonge Street/Clark, Suite 306,Thornhill or e-mail QiGongWorkshop@rogers.com or visit  www.wu-qigong.com

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