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People are getting smarter, science is getting louder, courts around the world are defying corporations, and consumer choices are increasing by leaps and bounds. While doing research for this feature, it struck me that virtually everything I am reporting here was unknown a decade ago. So instead of groaning about our information overload, we should be singing the praises of information liberation.

The “bunk busters” are working worldwide to uncover the truth about genetically modified organisms (GMOs), pesticides, herbicides, vaccine additives, the harm that overuse of antibiotics does in medicine and animal husbandry, and how Big Pharma drugs mask the true causes of chronic and autoimmune disease. It’s as if an enormous jigsaw puzzle is clicking into place, and the assembled pieces are revealing the big picture. What the picture shows is the horrifying connection between these pervasive toxins and the damage being done to our human gut microbiome, as well as the microbiome of the soil and food-producing animals.

Astonishingly, the solution to all of these problems is essentially found in one place: organic agriculture. In Vitality’s March ’16, July/August ’16, and February ’17 issues, I provided a crash course in the current science on the microbiome. This seemingly arcane research is now causing a social revolution.

Monsanto’s GMO and Roundup Troubles

When the International Agency for Research in Cancer (IARC) declared the herbicide Roundup to be a “probable carcinogen” in 2015, dozens of lawsuits were initiated (more than 50 pending, according to the U.S. organization Right to Know). These lawsuits were based on the new evidence that Roundup was found to be causally associated with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, kidney cancer, and celiac disease. And apparently, Monsanto knew about the carcinogenicity of its flagship product Roundup, introduced in 1974, for over 30 years. They were able to suppress the information via collusion between Jess Roland of the Environmental Protection Agency’s pesticide program, and Monsanto’s then-toxicology chief Dr. George Levinskas, which kept the lid on the company’s own cancer research.[1]

Meanwhile, Monsanto won over the world by claiming that Roundup was harmless to animals and humans because it lacked the so-called “shikimate pathway,” which only plants use when synthesizing amino acids. What even Monsanto could not have foreseen, and no corporate science trickery is able to contradict or minimize, is the discovery that the shikimate pathway is how plants provide us and all animals with beneficial gut bacteria. (This shikimate pathway was found to be the single most important source of all beneficial microbes in human and animal guts. And due to the damage that Roundup was found to cause to that pathway, it was proven to be a verified carcinogen.)[2]

Without the microbiome we cannot survive or reproduce, so even minimally damaging the microbiome can cause all kinds of gastrointestinal disorders, along with obesity, diabetes, heart disease, depression, autism (during fetal development), multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, skin disease, birth defects, asthma, and many other ailments. The proof for these causes and triggers is now well established by mainstream science and supported by animal models.[3]

Furthermore, not only has Roundup been used as an indirect poison on plants; it has also inflicted direct harm on humans. For example, in the 1990s, after becoming impoverished by Monsanto’s ruthless agribusiness tactics, thousands of small farmers in India drank Roundup to commit suicide in protest. In another example, back in the 1980s, Roundup was known as an undetectable poison; it was thus used to assassinate some anti-apartheid leaders in South Africa by secretly soaking their underclothes in Roundup and then putting them back into their suitcases when dry. This caused the victims to die before they even reached their conference destination.[4]

The IARC’s 2015 cancer announcement was big, but the even bigger message is: Roundup literally means gut rot. And the genetically modified plants that require Roundup to germinate work in perfect synchronicity with that gut rot. Furthermore, just as antibiotics increase weight in animals before slaughter due to sudden inflammation, using Roundup applied to wheat just before harvesting to increase grain yield, known as “desiccating,” results in poisoned bread. In other words, any bread that is not made from organically grown wheat is likely to have huge residues of Roundup on it. In fact, the EPA estimates that more than 90% of U.S. citizens have Roundup residues in their tissues. I was tested and found to have it myself, even though I switched to organic foods in 1996.

One chart from the Centers for Disease Control shows that since 1990, when desiccating started, celiac disease has increased exactly in tandem with the increase of Roundup use; and independent animal models have proven causality. Interestingly, people with mild gastrointestinal symptoms can often tolerate French stick made from imported French flour (France forbids the use of Roundup). Meanwhile, gluten sensitivity has skyrocketed to the point where the Harvard Medical School declared that it is now universal and symptoms are only a matter of degree. However, gluten sensitivity can no longer be separated from Roundup toxicity; they work together.

Use of GMOs and pesticides has led to three interlocking disasters, as shown in Samsel and Seneff’s 2013 published study on the bodily impact of these toxins, entitled “Glyphosate Suppression of Cytochrome P450 Enzymes and Amino Acid Biosynthesis by the Gut Microbiome: Pathways to Modern Diseases.”[5] They are:

  1.  A direct attack on our guts from lack of beneficial plant-generated bacteria;
  2.  Nutrient spectrum loss through genetic engineering;
  3.  A chemical knockout punch to our liver’s detox and digestive enzyme production centre.

This is the effect that pesticides and phony food have on all of us, and they have even infiltrated the diets of those who eat organic food.

Astonishingly, Roundup has even been discovered in standard vaccines.[6]

The World Objects to Being Poisoned

A few years ago, the Supreme Court of France forced the release of secret Monsanto research. So shocking were the findings that France effectively banned Monsanto products from its agriculture industry. It also caused the IARC, a branch of the World Health Organization (WHO), to commence research that resulted in the 2015 Roundup cancer announcement.

In March of this year, U.S. District Judge Vince Chabria subpoenaed more “proprietary” Monsanto research material and email communications with the EPA, and ruled that all be made publicly available. Now California requires cancer warnings on all Roundup products, and has set the legal limit of its presence in food at a level 100 times lower than the federal EPA’s safe limit.

Experts Lobby for a Pesticide-Free Planet While Chemical Giants Fight for Survival

On February 22, 2015, CNN reported that Monsanto lost $156 million in its fourth quarter and 31 cents per share; and the company planned to cut 16% of its work force by 2018. Contradicting Monsanto’s propaganda that GMOs are accepted worldwide, it is now known that 28 countries allow them, while 38 countries have forbidden them, and the European Union is poised to ban them. The United Nations and the WHO have also announced the need for a pesticide-free planet.

The U.S. sprays 200 million pounds of Roundup on soybeans, corn, and wheat annually, yet the chemical now faces the same fate as asbestos which, due to its carcinogenicity, is banned in 60 countries. It is safe to predict that within the coming decade, the same fate will befall all food-type GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, and other products from the corporate devil’s kitchen.

Meanwhile, Monsanto has made every effort to save its profits. It has initiated a public relations program called “Let Nothing Go” which focuses on social media to ensure that even the smallest comment on Facebook does not go unanswered. It funnels money to the Genetic Literacy Project and the American Council on Science and Health, both of which are fact-challenging, corporate defenders of the chemical food propaganda machine. Ghostwriters are working overtime, churning out absurd refutations of the IARC/WHO cancer findings.

And true to form, the Trump administration has made $3 million of taxpayers’ money available to the FDA and U.S. Department of Agriculture “to promote understanding and acceptance of biotechnology.”[7]

One of Monsanto’s helpful partners in this endeavour is Dow Chemical, which is also fighting for its life: its lobbying expenditures for 2017 are already eight times higher than they were in 2008.

(Ironically, even the U.S. Department of Agriculture was alarmed that only 15% of all U.S. food samples tested in 2015 were free from pesticide residues.)

The suggestion that it is not smart business policy to poison one’s customers is no longer a dark joke. The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics, supporting the European Union’s proposed ban on toxic pesticides, confirmed that an estimated $172 billion is spent annually on women’s health care costs and male reproductive dysfunctions, as well as birth defects, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and neurobehavioural disorders directly caused or triggered by Roundup-sprayed food.

In the U.S., research has shown that the previously unheard of phenomenon of children developing fatty liver disease has been directly caused by Roundup residues in municipal drinking water, now known to be 33 times higher throughout the country than the level that causes fatty liver disease in rats.

Pope Francis deeply deplores the known environmental degradation and reduction of biodiversity that genetically modified crops cause, and confirms that they are not necessary to feed the world’s growing population. He hit the nail on the head by saying that this agribusiness monopoly over farming has led to the “concentration of productive land in the hands of the few,” impoverishing farmers and relegating them to “miserable urban settlements.” The Pope has also expressed dismay at how this “actually causes the earth we live in to become less rich and beautiful, more and more limited and gray…”[8]

It is now everybody’s task to rescue God’s creation.

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Helke Ferrie is a medical science writer with a master's degree in physical anthropology. Her specialty lies in investigative research into ethical issues in medicine and the politics of health. She started her investigative journalism career in the mid-1990s, looking at issues of medicine and environment. She has been a regular contributor to Vitality Magazine ever since. Helke has also authored several books on various subjects including: "Ending Denial: The Lyme Disease Epidemic", "What Part of No! Don't They Understand: Rescuing Food and Medicine from Government Abuse", and "The Earth's Gift to Medicine". Here are links to some of her works: Book Review Find her book -Ending Denial Read her article: When governments abandon the public interest — look out for your own health Find her book -What Part of No! Don't They Understand Helke has also been a regular contributor for the Vitality Magazine. Links to few of her articles: The Tyranny of Government Protection Success Story - How I Recovered from Lyme Disease IN THE NEWS: Fluoride Dangers; Roundup Lawsuits; Lyme Disease Epidemic Helke Ferrie now lives a retired life and can be reached at helkeferrie@gmail.com

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