Gluten-free Meals

Recipe of the Week: Hemp Butter Hummus

March 1, 2018

Hemp butter #hummus. Say what? 😍😍 Try this! Share this video. Your friends will thank you, and so will I. This recipe is revolutionary! 🔥🔥...

Quinoa Cuisine

March 1, 2016

Ancient Incan Grain is Wildly Popular in North American Households When I was a kid, my grandma’s pantry was always loaded with burlap sacks full of her favourite grains – oats, wheat, barley, and others that made their way into the porridge pot, soup kettle, salad bowl, and casserole dish.

Turning Vegetables and Fruits Into Oodles of Noodles

September 1, 2015

For Healthy Low-Carb, Low-Cal Dining As far as I’m concerned, anytime is a good time to ‘veggie-up’ the family’s diet for the sake of healthier eating. But when it comes to kids, it’s not always easy to get them to eat their vegetables.

Solutions for Celiac Disease

June 29, 2015

My Favourite Gluten-free Recipes for Summer At the age of 12, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. That marked the beginning of my journey towards recovery and healing, a journey that taught me, first hand, how changing what you eat can truly change your life.

Adapting to Life After Wheat: There Are More Gluten-Free Options Than You Think

November 1, 2010

Gluten-free has almost become the new “fad” diet of today, with various celebrities and fitness gurus touting its benefits. But for those of us who...